The godmothers of the orphaned in Quang Ngai province

(VOVWORLD) - Despite hardships, many women in poor hamlets in the central province of Quang Ngai have helped orphans overcome difficulties and continue their dreams of going to school. VOV’s Vinh Thong will tell you about these godmothers.
The godmothers of the orphaned in Quang Ngai province - ảnh 1Members of the scrap collection model in Ky Tan hamlet gather the collected waste at the village culture house’s courtyard. (Photo: VOV)

Ms. Huynh Thi Lan and a number of women in Ky Tan hamlet in Mo Duc district often begin a new day by travelling around to collect waste.

These women, rain or shine, keep working to earn money to care for adopted children, Lan said, adding, “We only want to help the children who have no one to take care of them.”

Thanks to the small amount of money they get from the godmothers, local disadvantaged children can continue their studies.

Dinh Thi Thuy Loan, Chairwoman of the Women's Union of Duc Loi commune, said the scrap collection model of the godmothers has been replicated across the commune.

She told VOV, “Though I already had my two children, I burst into tears when a child called me mom. I’ll do my best to care for him as my own son so he’ll become a productive citizen.”

The godmothers of the orphaned in Quang Ngai province - ảnh 2Women in Chau Thuan Bien fishing village in Binh Son district collect money from piggy banks. (Photo: VOV)

“Setting up piggy banks, sharing love” is a meaningful activity to help orphans performed by women in the poor fishing village of Chau Thuan Bien in Binh Son district. Since the model was launched last year, 1,300 USD has been raised to buy food for the orphans.

Nguyen Thi Nguyet, Chairwoman of the Women's Union of Binh Chau commune, said the model has been copied by 9 branches of the Women's Union which that have adopted 11 children.

“In addition to providing food and money, the godmothers look after and encourage the adopted children. They take turns caring for children without direct caregivers. They prepare meals for them and buy clothes or books for them to attend school,” said Nguyet.

Launched by the Vietnam Women's Union, the "Godmother” program has been strongly responded to by Quang Ngai province’s Women's Unions. More than 350 children in extremely difficult circumstances have been sponsored, 20 of them have lost mothers or fathers to COVID-19.

Huynh Thi Suong, Vice Chairwoman of the Vietnam Women's Union in Quang Ngai, said that more than 1,500 orphans and disadvantaged children in the province are in dire need of society’s help.

“We’ll continue to call for and copy effective models to raise money to help all orphans and children in difficult circumstances continue their studies,” said Suong.

By caring for the children, the godmothers protect them against child abuse in the family and community.