“Three goods, three downs” club improves public order in Mekong Delta commune

(VOVWORLD) - Being good at mass mobilization, conversion, and reconciliation, and reducing thefts, gambling, and drug crimes  are the criteria of a club called "Three goods, three downs" in An Quang Huu commune in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh. In the year since it was established, the club has contributed to security and public order and made the commune a role model in the “All people protect national security” movement.
“Three goods, three downs” club improves public order in Mekong Delta commune - ảnh 1"Three goods, three downs" club members share their experience. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

The remote commune of An Quang Huu has 10 hamlets with about 15,000 people, 45% of whom are Khmer ethnic minority, mostly farmers.

An Quang Huu was selected for the “All people protect national security” movement under Ministry of Public Security guidelines.

Last March the commune launched the “Three goods, three downs" club, with core members from the Youth Union, mass organizations, monks, and prominent Khmer people. The Chairman of the People's Committee and the local Police Chief have set up hotlines villagers can call to confidently provide tips.

Ngo Van Du, Chairman of the An Quang Huu commune People's Committee and the Club’s Chairman, said, “Tra Vinh provincial police chose An Quang Huu as the first commune to implement the ‘Three goods, three downs’ model. As soon as it was put into operation, the work has been delegated to relevant sectors and organizations.”

“If a group encounters a problem, they can go to the head of a pagoda or another prominent person in the locality for advice on ensuring security and order. So far 26 people have been re-educated. There are no longer any gathering places in the commune for  social evils, just a few problem individuals,” said Du.

The club's management board meets once a month on a fixed day to bring itself up to date and provide timely recommendations that will encourage public trust.

The commune has recorded no acts of sabotage, dissemination of misinformation, illegal religious activities, or lawsuits involving large numbers of people.

Attention is given to re-educating those who require some intervention to prevent further behavior.

“Three goods, three downs” club improves public order in Mekong Delta commune - ảnh 2A policeman visits a local who used to break the law. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Nguyen Minh Hai of An Quang Huu commune who was recently sent home after being re-educated told VOV, “I can make ends meet by making aluminum and iron doors, stairs, railings, and frames. I used to be a gambling addict, but I gave it up on the advice of the communal police. The commune gave me money to purchase tools and machinery. Now I’m taking care of business, and neighbours are eager to help me and introduce customers to me.”

The club, together with local authorities and businesses, have created jobs for former offenders and mobilized donations and interest-free loans to help some of them start businesses.

“Nguyen Minh Hai was arrested for gambling and freed after one year. He has re-integrated into the community and is being helped by other villagers. We’ve persuaded him to join the club and helped him stabilize his life by using his skill at making iron doors,” said Major Phan Minh Vuong, the Police Chief of An Quang Huu commune and the club’s Vice Chairman.

The club has organized more than 700 meetings to re-educate 14,300 people, has strengthened public communications to get people to follow COVID-19 prevention measures, and has successfully mediate many disputes.

Le Thanh Tra, Chairwoman of An Quang Huu commune Women's Union, said, “We’ve worked with lawbreakers who have been released and returned to the community. They often have a comlex about their situation.”

“But by talking with them and encouraging them, we’ve gotten them to re-integrate into the community. The Women's Union helps them get loans or do farming. The point is that we have to get close to these people, share their weal and woe, and encourage them. The club has helped many people,” said Tra.

She added that she has helped change two people, “The entire local political system is involved, not just the police. As a result, security and order in the commune has become very stable.”

The efforts of every club member and the support of the public have made the model in An Quang Huu commune a great success in protecting social order. The model has been replicated in Don Xuan commune, An Hai district.