“Wordless hair salon” in Ha Long city inspires people with disabilities

(VOVWORLD) - There is a special barber shop in the middle of Ha Long city in Quang Ninh province where the owner and employees are deaf mutes from birth. The young shop owner Van Khac Huan has pursued his passion by becoming a hair stylist and teaching the profession to other people in a similar situation.
“Wordless hair salon” in Ha Long city inspires people with disabilities - ảnh 1“Wordless hair salon” inspires many people with disabilities.

Khac Huan’s hair salon is a relaxing space. There are no voices, only smiles and music. The shop owner, staff, and customers communicate through scribbled notes, pictures, gestures, and sign language.

A loyal customer named Nguyen Thi Hung comes to the shop routinely to have her hair washed before going to work.

She says she uses the salon’s services, not because it’s run by people with disabilities, but because the service has kept her satisfied for the past 6 years.

Hung recalled,  “The first time I came here, I found their service quality to be very good. The following visits made me feel even better. I work in a noisy environment. The atmosphere at the salon is quiet, relaxing, and more to my taste."

Like Hung, other customers are impressed by the service and the sign that says: "I’m deaf, please tap me on the shoulder or write a message on your phone if you need something."

They all praised the hair salon for its services while the owner has good skills, is pleasant, and is dedicated to the job.

Recounting in sign language through an interpreter how he opened his barber shop, Van Khac Huan said his mother died early, leaving his father to bring up three sons alone. When Huan was 14 years old, he was admitted to a center for children with special needs.

In 2016 his dream of opening his own barber shop and employing others in the same situation came true.

“Wordless hair salon” in Ha Long city inspires people with disabilities - ảnh 2Hoang Thi Nha Phuong, a social worker of Quang Ninh province.

Hoang Thi Nha Phuong, a social worker, told us, Not all the staff at Huans salon are from Ha Long city. Some come from surrounding localities such as Tien Yen, Ba Che, or Mong Cai. They have tried hard to work or learn the trade here."

Huan trains dozens of deaf people every year to style hair. Many of them have opened their own shops and now are able to make an independent living.

Phuong says that what Huan has achieved so far is truly meaningful, adding, Huan's hair salon is a turning point for deaf people who are looking for their own direction. It gives them an opportunity to find out whether this job is right for them or whether they should find a job thats more suitable." 

Nguyen Thi Sinh, a neighbor, says that everyone in the neighborhood loves Huan and his staff and his "wordless hair salon" has brought positive energy and optimism to others.

Huan has received certificates of merit from the Department of Social Protection, acknowledging him as an example for other young people with disabilities.