French media praise Vietnam's success in COVID-19 fight

(VOVWORLD) - France media have carried articles hailing Vietnam’s effective measures to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. 
French media praise Vietnam's success in COVID-19 fight - ảnh 1Illustrated photo (Photo: Getty image) 

With 268 infections and no fatalities, Vietnam, which borders China where the COVID-19 originated, has set an example for Western countries in the fight against the pandemic, one article said. Since the first cases were reported in China, Vietnam has stayed vigilant to this threat and implemented effective measures to curb the spread of the virus, including promptly closing its border with China. Vietnam’s success can be attributed to identifying and tracking individuals thought to have the virus or to have come into close contact with someone carrying the virus.

Vietnam also was praised for its transparency in dealing with the crisis. The articles appeared in digital editions of Le Monde, Le Figaro, Les Echos, Courrier Internationale, Ouest-France, and La Dépêche, and on French radio and television, including FranceInfo and TV5 Monde.

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