Kindhearted man gives free rice to the poor

(VOVWORLD) - Posting on Facebook, “I live in Hoang Mai district. I want to give rice to people in need during the COVID time. Please come to lane 93 Giap Nhi, Thinh Liet!”, a young man named Nhan has helped many needy people. 

“He is such a kind man. I came to ask for some rice. He handed me the rice but refused to tell me his name when I asked. Later, from other people who also received his support, I learned his name is Nhan.”

Those are the words of Le Thi Van, who came to Hanoi from Thai Binh province to look after her sick husband at Thanh Nhan hospital. Van was deeply touched to receive rice from a stranger in what has been a very difficult time. 

Kindhearted man gives free rice to the poor - ảnh 1Nhan, a kindhearted man gives free rice to the poor.

Nhan, an online seller, who has given many needy people rice in the last few months, said: 

“My idea was inspired by the social network Zalo. Anyone who needs help during this epidemic can post on Zalo a public request for support. I happened to read the requests of some disadvantaged people who needed help with rice and other food. So in September I started doing this charity work,” said Nhan.

Before that, when HCM city was strongly hit by the fourth wave of COVID-19, I sent money to my brother there and asked him to buy rice for the needy.”

Nhan has given rice to anyone in need, be they unemployed workers or old people. He said he can’t remember how many people he has helped or how much rice he has bought.

A rice shop owner in Giap Nhi lane, where Nhan usually buys rice, said, “I’m very happy to sell rice to Nhan. I want to support his good will and I hope more people will be supported.”

Every person Nhan has helped has a their own story. Thuy, who just gave birth to her third child, and her husband, who is unemployed because of COVID-19, have a really difficult life. 

“I was very happy to receive Nhan’s rice immediately. I didn’t think I would receive rice because I knew many other people were also asking for rice. Our family was in a very difficult situation, with no money and no food. Nhan’s support really helped us through some hard days," said Thuy.

For Le Kim Dung, a blind masseuse who lost her job because of COVID-19, said that the rice she received from Nhan was a precious gift at that time. 

“I was really touched. Nhan also gave rice to six other blind masseuses I used to work with. It wasn’t much but I felt encouraged a lot,” said Dung.

Nhan also has many memorable stories while doing his charity work. For him, giving is receiving.

"The story I remember most is that of an old woman from Thai Binh province. After I gave her rice, she called me from time to time just to ask how I was doing and encourage me. I’m very touched that my small action actually helps the people around me,” said Nhan.

“I think that if you give away something small, you often get back something much bigger. Helping those who are worse off than we are pays us back many times that amount in joy."

Nhan often goes out alone to buy rice and bring it to needy families. Sometimes when he’s really busy, his friend Van Thao helps him. 

“I try to help Nhan with his meaningful work as much as possible. The more people we can help the happier we will be,” said Thao.