Live music from kids to kids

(VOVWORLD) - Physical distancing is a responsible way to protect ourselves and others during the COVID pandemic, but it can be hard on young children who should be exploring the world around them and connecting with their peers through play. "Live music from kids to kids", is a project that brings together children from all over the world for online concerts. The shows provide a fun, comfortable venue for children to perform and make friends.
- “I was very excited to join the first live concert “Music from kids to kids” because I love music and I love playing my traditional instrument to bring lovely music to my young friends. In the first live concert, I played the song “Vietnam oi” with my love to Vietnam and my best wishes to everyone to overcome and stay safe in the pandemic. I hope that my friends would have a good time and love music as much as I do.”

-  “I got to meet many talented friends around the world. They can play many instruments such as drums, violin, piano, and all kind of traditional instruments. It’s an amazing concert for children. Everything is well-prepared. We have several rehearsals before the concert night.” 

“Interesting!”, “Meaningful!”, and “I would love to join upcoming shows!” said 11-year-old Minh Hang, and 10-year-old Gia Linh.

The shows provide a fun, comfortable venue for children to perform and make friends (Trailer of the 2nd concert provided by Hoai Vu-Bender) 

“Music from kids to kids” was the initiative of Ha Vu, a Vietnamese educational consultant who lives and works in Germany. She wanted to create an online space where children could use their talent, their hard work, their interest, and their love of music to be connected and have fun. 

“The children, in this pandemic, have a hard time staying at home, not meeting their friends. They don’t have social contact. And many parents are running out of ideas to keep their children busy. Besides, not all children have the opportunity to perform in or attend a live concert. Music plays an important role in children’s development and makes their lives more fun and more colorful. This show is for all children who love music, know how to play an instrument well, and want to participate in a live performance,” Ha Vu said.

Ngoc Ha Le, whose daughter performed, said: “I totally support the great idea of running the live concert “Music from kids to kids” and making it a recurring event. This type of concert connects young players and listeners from many places around the world. This is where they can talk, discuss, share ideas, make friends, and learn from each other. I encourage my kid to perform as a way to practice and share the love of music.”

Each concert is hosted on the Zoom platform, broadcast live via the program's YouTube account, and linked to its Facebook Fanpage. The concerts have received a lot of positive feedback from listeners. Pham Thu Hien said: “The participants, the teenagers played so well. I admire them because they’re all very young. All of them are between 8 and 15 years old but they put on a really good performance. And I’m looking forward to attending the next Christmas concert in a few weeks.” 

Live music from kids to kids - ảnh 1The project's logo (Source: Ha Vu)

According to Ha Vu and her media consultant Hoai Vu-Bender, this project puts the children center stage. The message is conveyed through the project’s logo – an ear icon that represents the ability to hear and feel, and a heart icon that represents sharing, healing, connecting, inspiring, and spreading love. The color green represents the future and hope, white represents children’s innocence, and yellow represents recognition. Those symbols are placed inside a sphere, representing the earth, which means everything a child brings to the show is treasured and supported, no matter who they are or where they come from.

“This concert is for children, so they should first and foremost choose what they would like to play. The parents, the teachers, and the organizers support and advise them. Before and after a concert we meet and discuss everything. It’s important that the children are involved in this process. And I’m very happy that the children want to come back in the upcoming shows,” according to Ha Vu. 

These are some performances children brought to the "Music from kid to kids" concerts:


The children who perform get to experience a live performance, make friends with people all over the world, and receive certificates of participation. The Christmas concert will be held in December, featuring winter and Christmas songs. The 4th concert, which will be held just before the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, will be devoted to Vietnamese traditional musical instruments. More information on the project, including how to register to perform, can be found at the FB Fanpage Live Music from Kids to Kids.

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