Toys and mobile cinema brought to entertain mountain children

(VOVWORLD) - “I always tell myself that I will try to help as many people as I can for as long as I can. My happiness is bringing joy to others and putting a smile on their faces.” Those are the words of Hồ Hoàng Liêm, leader of the charity group Da Nang Pink Smile, who has been working to help disadvantaged children in the central region for the past 12 years.

Tran Vy, vice principal of Vu A Dinh Elementary School in Nam Tra My district in Quang Nam province, says Liem and his team have put the focus on the dreams of children living in mountainous areas.

“At first Liem coordinated with our school to cook delicious meals for the children. He then donated toys and school supplies. The toys only are worth more than 3,000 USD. Most of the children in this district know and love Liem. They call him ‘the King of Toys’,” said Vy. 

Toys and mobile cinema brought to entertain mountain children - ảnh 1Children play with new toys provided by Da Nang Pink Smile.

Da Nang Pink Smile also helps set up solar power systems, water purifiers, and children’s playgrounds. Its 50 members are always available to provide support whenever it’s needed, Liem said.

“Over the years we have received donations from many people who have heard about our volunteer activities. The members of our group donate 5% of their monthly salary,” said Liem. 

Toys and mobile cinema brought to entertain mountain children - ảnh 2Ho Hoang Liem, leader of the charity group Da Nang Pink Smile, giving warm clothes to children. 

It has not been an easy feat bringing electricity to remote areas. Da Nang Pink Smile has installed 12 solar power plants in Nam Tra My district so far. To attract more local children to school, the team went a step further by setting up mobile cinemas. 

“Mountain children have little to play with. After talking to their teachers, I understood that many of the children don’t like going to school because they’re bored. The teachers have had to go to each house to encourage the children to come to class. That gave me the idea of bringing toys and a mobile cinema for the children,” said Liem.

”Cinema is a novelty for mountain children. A mobile cinema allows teachers to deliver more visual lessons, something that’s long been unavailable to these kids. After the lesson, they can enjoy a cartoon, which makes them more excited about going to school.”

Toys and mobile cinema brought to entertain mountain children - ảnh 3Children at Vu A Dinh Elementary School watch a cartoon.

Huynh Ngoc Minh Quang, who’s been with the Da Nang Pink Smile Club for more than 10 years, says he’s happy and proud.

“Cartoons seem to be a whole new world for the children here. Each trip to the poor children in the mountains makes me feel more motivated to help many others," said Quang. 

Da Nang Pink Smile’s efforts have paid dividends, according to Vice Principal Tran Vy.

"The children have changed a lot since they received the toys and a chance to enjoy the cartoons and educational films Liem’s group brought for them," said Vy. 

The cartoons are shown on a 120-inch screen with a good speaker system. The children can also watch videos of famous sights in Vietnam and all around the world.