For a sustainable, transparent, responsible fishery sector

(VOVWORLD) - The Party Central Committee’s Secretariat on April 10 adopted Directive 32 on strengthening the Party leadership on combatting illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) fishing and developing sustainable fisheries. This demonstrates the strong engagement of the whole political system in having the IUU yellow card lifted and protecting national prestige globally. 
For a sustainable, transparent, responsible fishery sector - ảnh 1Staff of the Ben Dam Border Control Station (Con Dao island) checks paper documents of fishermen (Photo:

The EU’s yellow card warning on IUU fishing in Vietnam has been imposed for nearly 7 years.

Strong political determination, commitment

Directive 32 manifests Vietnam’s strong political determination and commitment to crack down on IUU fishing and sustainably develop the fishery sector. The Directive was adopted amid the whole political system’s exerted efforts to effectively implement the EC’s recommendations, especially recommendations made at the 4th round of inspection in October 2023.

In Directive 32, the Party Secretariat says combating IUU fishing is an important, urgent, long-term task critical to sustainable fisheries development, and a responsibility of the entire political system, the whole society, Party committees, and Party organizations. Heads of sectors and localities have direct responsibility for directing, creating consensus, and strengthening coordination to get the yellow card removed this year.

The Directive stresses the importance of enhancing communications and disseminating laws to raise the awareness of Party committees, Party organizations, local administrations, Party members, businesses, and fishermen about sustainably developing the fishery sector, combatting IUU fishing, and preventing vessels and fishermen from fishing illegally in foreign waters.

The Directive urges a focus on policies on aquaculture, fishery resources exploitation, protection and development, export processing, modernization of the fisheries sector, and improving livelihoods and vocational training for fishermen.

On April 22, the Party Secretariat organized an online conference connecting all localities to discuss implementation of the Directive. The same day, the government approved Resolution 52 on the Action Program and Implementation Plan.

The Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Foreign Affairs, National Defense, and Public Security have joined the effort, demonstrating Vietnam’s active response to the EC’s recommendations on IUU fishing.

Restructuring fishery sector

Fisheries, a key economic sector with a total annual output of over 9 million tons, account for 30% of the agricultural sector's GDP contribution. Vietnam’s aquatic products are exported to 170 countries and territories.

The Vietnamese Government has repeatedly affirmed determination to get the IUU yellow card removed, a condition for Vietnam’s seafood products to have a better market in Europe. Implementing measures is the first step in Vietnam's effort to make its fishery sector to more transparent, responsible, and sustainable.

Training and communications have been intensified to raise awareness and a sense of responsibility for preventing IUU fishing. Vietnam is fine-tuning its regulations to handle unregistered, unregistered for inspection, and unlicensed fishing vessels, upgrading its technical facilities and fisheries infrastructure, boosting the application of science, advanced technology, innovation, and digital transformation, and fulfilling Vietnam's responsibilities and obligations under international commitments and treaties on protecting the ocean, the environment, marine ecosystems, and aquatic resources.

Getting the yellow card lifted will benefit the fisheries sector as well as Vietnam’s reputation and position in the international arena. The engagement of the entire political system shows Vietnam's strong political determination and commitment to combat IUU fishing and develop a sustainable and responsible fisheries sector.