Party resolutions promptly implemented across Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - Quang Binh province organized a meeting to inform the public of the results of the 13th National Party Congress as soon as the Congress closed in Hanoi in February.  
Party resolutions promptly implemented across Vietnam  - ảnh 1Secretary of the Bac Kan provincial Party Committee Vu Dai Thang speaks at the meeting. (Photo: Bac Kan online newspaper)

Speaking at the meeting, Vu Dai Thang, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, asked local Party organizations to promptly prepare programs and action plans to carry out the resolution adopted at the Congress.

"First we need to organize activities to inform Party organizations, Party members, and the public about the resolution. Then we need to devise plans that clarify the contents, goals, orientations, and key tasks discussed at the National Party Congress and outline the best possible way to carry out the resolution," said Thang. 

People living in mountainous areas are most concerned about Party policies on developing on mountain regions and improving ethnic people’s living conditions. They want to narrow the development gap between mountain and lowland regions and between rural and urban areas.

Ms. Trieu Thi Thu Phuong, the head of Bac Kan province’s Ethnic Affairs Department, said that what was debated and approved at the 13th National Party Congress will inform policies on ethnic minority and mountainous areas. 

"Based on the resolution adopted at the Congress, Bac Kan will implement the National Assembly’s Resolution 88 on development of ethnic minority and mountainous regions in the 2021-2030 period. In the short term, we’ll push the national target program for ethnic minority and mountainous area development in the 2021-2025 period. Bac Kan will focus on developing its infrastructure and economic models with value chains to implement the resolutions reached at the 13th National Party Congress and the 12th Bac Kan provincial Party Congress," said Phuong.