Vietnam’s solidarity decisive to national development

(VOVWORLD) - Today, on the 10th day of the 3rd lunar month, Vietnamese people from around the world commemorate the death anniversary of the Hung Kings and pay tribute to the Hung Kings’ contribution to national construction. This is an opportunity for Vietnamese people to uphold the spirit of solidarity which has always played a decisive role in national development.
Vietnam’s solidarity decisive to national development - ảnh 1Ritual held to commemorate Father Lac Long Quan (Photo: VNA)

The Hung Kings worshiping ritual is a cultural phenomenon that has been sustainably spread throughout the Vietnamese community, contributing greatly to strengthening the national unity bloc.

Uniting Vietnamese people

Hung Kings’ temples have been built in many localities across Vietnam. There are more than 1,400 worshipping establishments and relic sites dedicated to the Hung Kings where people practice the ritual of worshiping the country’s founders.

“I’m from Da Lat. My family and I participate in the Hung Kings ‘death anniversary’ commemoration every year. I want my kids to learn more about this great Vietnamese tradition. This is also an opportunity for us to participate in cultural activities,” said a visitor.

A pilgrim said: “The commemoration of the death anniversary of the Hung Kings in Buon Ma Thuot city is also an opportunity to unite the Kinh and the ethnic minority people. Everybody comes to pay tribute to the Hung Kings and pray for peace, health, and solidarity.”

The ritual of worshiping the Hung Kings is now being promoted overseas. Since 2015, the Vietnamese community overseas has observed the global “Hung Kings Commemoration Day”, an event that connects Vietnamese people with their international friends around the globe.

Solidarity for national development

The Hung Kings’ death anniversary is an opportunity for every Vietnamese person to understand more deeply the meaning of the word ‘compatriots’. According to legend, the Kings were born from the same sac of a hundred eggs. Vietnamese, no matter where they are, are all members of the great family of the Vietnamese nation. That is a main factor to consolidate the community and uphold the spirit of national solidarity. It is an issue of strategic significance to national construction and defense and to the national revolution and renewal.

Hoang Dinh Thang, Chairman of the Association of Vietnamese People in Europe, said: "The Hung Kings' death anniversary is of great significance to the overseas Vietnamese community. The event reminds Vietnamese people of their roots, inspires them to uphold solidarity and mutual support and promote the great traditions of the nation.”

As Vietnam strengthens its international integration, there are many opportunities and also challenges to bring Vietnam on a par with the world’s powers. The consensus and synergy of Vietnamese people both inside and outside the country are an indispensable factor.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong said: “Solidarity is an extremely precious tradition of the nation, the source of strength for the nation to last forever and grow. It’s the lodestar and the strategic and vital guideline of the Vietnamese revolution.”

Vietnam has continued to fine-tune guidelines and policies to promote the strength of great national unity, uphold the role of its social classes, and arouse the potential and creativity of every Vietnamese person. All ethnic groups are equal, united, and supportive, and together promoting their internal strength to advance. The Party and State have focused on rallying religious organizations and implemented appropriate policies and mechanisms to create favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to return home to invest in their homeland. The Vietnamese Party and State have constantly reviewed the Strategy on National Unity to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Every Vietnamese person is determined to continue the tradition of solidarity, unanimously building a Vietnam of peace, independence, unity, and territorial integrity to become more prosperous, civilized, and happier.