Community tourism helps Ninh Thuan’s rural areas prosper

(VOVWORLD) -Ninh Thuan province has recently promoted the development of community-based tourism and ecotourism in ethnic minority areas. These forms of tourism have improved people’s lives, spread cultural values, and changed the rural areas.
Community tourism helps Ninh Thuan’s rural areas prosper - ảnh 1Duong Tai Tin is decorating the family’s ecotourism site, Sen Araphat, in Phuoc Dan town (Photo: Doan Si)

Most Cham ethnic people live in Ninh Phuoc district, which has the advantage of developing ecotourism at the Phuoc Thuan vineyards, the Hau Sanh sheep farm, and the Po Rome tower.

Duong Tai Tin’s family in Phuoc Dan town has set up an ecotourism site called Sen Araphat in My Nghiep ward. Tin says that a decade ago some local households converted their farmland to growing lotus for seeds and shoots. When many people came to take selfies with the lotus, local households, including Tin’s family, switched to ecotourism.

“I decorate my farm to warmly welcome and guide tourists. The most important thing when developing tourism is to have a clean, hygienic system. Many visitors from the city have said that it’s a clean ecotourism site with many beautiful spots to take photos,” Tin recalled.

Phuoc Binh commune in Bac Ai district of Phuoc Binh National Park has a cool climate and lush fruit orchards. In recent years many families have devoted their orchards to community tourism.

K’to Chinh, a Raglai ethnic person, said his family used to grow grapefruits and durian, which were mainly sold to traders. When the villagers were encouraged to plant fruit trees for community tourism, he built the Tagu Galamping tourist area which received 1,000 visitors last year.

“The Tagu Glamping tourist area mainly serves tourists who want to experience the rural areas and enjoy Raglai dishes like grilled chicken, bamboo-tube rice, stream fish, skewered meat, and pork steamed in bamboo tubes – the local specialties. This has created jobs for local households,” said Chinh.

Community tourism helps Ninh Thuan’s rural areas prosper - ảnh 2Foreign tourists visit the area displaying brocade products in My Nghiep Street. (Photo: Doan Si)

Phuoc Binh commune has more than 60 households that have built a traditional Raglai stilt house and cultivate an orchard for tourism.

Pham Phung Bao Chau, chairman of the People's Committee of Phuoc Binh commune in Bac Ai district, said growing fruit trees in combination with community tourism has been identified as the local economic spearhead.

Chau explained, “This place has a potential for tourism development thanks to the Pi Nagn Tac stone trap, the Chapot waterfall, a sturgeon farm, and a gayal farm in Phuoc Binh National Park.”

Developing various forms of community tourism and ecotourism in ethnic minority areas helps the locals boost their income and changes the village’s outlook.

Pham Thi Thanh Huong, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said the sector will continue to help people develop community tourism and ecotourism.

“We’ll help develop infrastructure and restore landscapes, let visitors know this is a community tourism village, and expand rural roads,” said Huong, adding, “We’ve built the road to Phuoc Binh commune, which is very beautiful, convenient, and easy for tourists.”

Local administrations in Ninh Thuan will mobilize villagers to develop community-based tourism, take advantage of resources to build infrastructure and improve tourism products, and train human resources.