Crop restructuring reduces poverty in Bac Kan

(VOVworld) – In recent years, farmers in Bac Kan province have paid much attention to developing fruit orchards, with priority given to growing oranges and mandarins, fruits famous for being sweet and succulent. Bac Kan oranges and mandarins are much sought after by both domestic and foreign consumers, contributing to local poverty reduction. VOV’s Thu Hang reports….

Orchards of oranges and mandarins cover an area of 1500 hectares in the 3 Bac Kan districts of Bach Thong, Cho Don, and Ba Be. As harvest time begins during the last months of the year, the roads leading to Bach Thong district, about 10 km from Bac Kan town, are always crowded with traders coming to buy oranges and mandarins. Ma Van Cuong, who lives in Na Thoi hamlet, Quang Thuan commune, Bach Thong district, told VOV: "We are very excited as the harvest time begins. My family and other households in Na Thoi can earn up to 1000USD a year by growing oranges and mandarins in addition to farming. Local living conditions have improved remarkably."

Mandarins grown on Quang Thuan commune’s 400 ha account for 40% of Bac Kan province’s total mandarin orchards. Cao Xuan Lang, chairman of the Quang Thuan Communal Farmers’ Association, said his commune has harvested approximately 3000 tonnes of mandarins worth of 1.6 million USD. Farmers in Quang Thuan have paid much attention to improving the productivity of their orange and mandarin orchards. Cao Xuan Lang told VOV: "Local farmers have become more interested in expanding their orange and mandarin orchards to reduce poverty.  95% of the households in Quang Thuan own, on average, 2 ha of mandarins. Some households earn as much as 30,000 USD from their orchards every year. We have a per capita income of 1000 USD/year."

Crop restructuring reduces poverty in Bac Kan - ảnh 1

Bac Kan authorities have encouraged and supported local farmers in applying advanced technology to improve their orchards’ productivity. Bac Kan orchards have expanded 200 fold in the past decade. Dang Van Son, Deputy Director of the Bac Kan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: "We understand the importance of promoting the local trademark of oranges and mandarins by making sure that seeds are produced under good conditions and taking proper steps to protect our trademark and boost productivity. Our orchards now cover 1500 ha, of which 1000 ha can now be harvested, producing more than 10 tonnes/ha, and earning local farmers an income of 15,000 USD on average."

Orange and mandarin orchards are helping Bac Kan’s residents reduce poverty, and stabilize their lives.