Dien Hoa-the village of yellow apricot blossoms

(VOVworld) Formerly just another farming village, Dien Hoa village in the central province of Thua Thien Hue has become famous for growing bonsai apricot trees. The trade has brought the local villagers a more prosperous life.

Dien Hoa-the village of yellow apricot blossoms - ảnh 1
Yellow Apricot Blossoms

At this time of the year, one may see many people crossing Tam Giang Lagoon to Dien Hoa village to choose a bonsai apricot tree to decorate their home during the lunar New year Festival or Tet. The village has earned a reputation for their rare and beautiful apricot trees and has become a popular venue for an annual apricot blossom festival in the last lunar month of the year. Nguyen Van Tao, an administrator from Dien Hoa commune, says: "This year’s festival will take place from the 20th of the last lunar month until the 6th day of the new lunar year. Festival goers will have a chance to enjoy and purchase the most beautiful bonsai apricot trees. The best trees will receive awards from the organizing board."
In contrast to other regions, bonsai apricot trees in Dien Hoa village are planted in pots and tended using traditional techniques to assume the shapes of dragons. It takes the growers much effort and decades of time to create a bonsai apricot tree that looks like a dragon from any angle. The village has several decade-old apricot trees that cost thousands of USD each. Apricot blossoms from Dien Hoa village are in great demand despite being more expensive than blossoms from other areas, thanks to their exceptional fragrance and bright yellow color. Huynh Vinh Thanh is an enthusiastic customer at the festival: "Many people like the apricot trees grown in Dien Hoa because of their unique shapes and great beauty. Everyone who goes to the village’s annual festival wants to get a bonsai apricot tree to decorate their home during Tet."