“People-friendly administration” model proves effective in Hoa Binh

(VOVWORLD) -Since its pilot in mid-July last year in Bac Phong commune, Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, the "people-friendly administration” model has won people’s trust.

“People-friendly administration” model proves effective in Hoa Binh  - ảnh 1The headquarters of Bac Phong commune’s People’s Committee (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Bac Phong commune has 5,100 people living in 10 hamlets. 55% of them are Muong ethnic minority. Kinh people account for 25% and Dao, 15%.

Villagers aren’t in the habit of accessing public services in a "one-stop shop" style, so government officials and employees work harder on handling administrative procedures.

All civil servants are aware of the need to implement the "People-friendly administration” model, says Khuong Xuan Lich, Deputy Secretary of Bac Phong commune’s Party Committee and Chairman of the commune People’s Committee.

“To create a friendly government, civil servants must be friendly and carry out tasks in a friendly manner. We set standards for them to properly perform their responsibilities and tasks. This helps them handle administrative procedures quickly, and citizens are received by friendly staff at the administrative procedure section,” said Lich.

“People-friendly administration” model proves effective in Hoa Binh  - ảnh 2People come to Bac Phong commune’s People’s Committee to do administrative procedures (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Pursuant to regulations, Bac Phong has taught civil servants the communications skills and flexible behavior needed for a "one-stop shop".

Nguyen Thi Ha Giang of Hanoi recalled, “I was helped by a civil servant named Hong who was very enthusiastic and friendly. I had no difficulties at all. Other members of the staff also helped me. Their work and behavior met a high standard.”

The model has shifted from "carrying out administrative orders" into "serving, guiding, mobilizing, and persuading" to create a style of "respecting the people, being close to the people, understanding the people, learning from the people, and being responsible to the people".

“People-friendly administration” model proves effective in Hoa Binh  - ảnh 3Bac Phong commune’s medical station (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Do Duy Sua, a Bac Phong villager, said, “The commune is good at handling administrative procedures. Everything is processed more quickly than in the past. The civil servants are friendly and enthusiastic with everyone, not just me. It was quick for me to register my grandfather's death. I hope the communal People's Committee will continue to serve people enthusiastically.”

Bac Phong commune is aiming to create a transparent and effective administration, improve the efficiency of State management, build a friendlier government, and support people and businesses. The "People-friendly administration” model is part of realizing those goals.