Prestigious people play key role in building happy life in Yen Bai’s mountain hamlets

(VOVWORLD) - The living conditions of ethnic minority groups in Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, have improved in recent years. The progress can be credited to village elders, village chiefs, and other prestigious people in the community who are the core of solidarity and building a prosperous, happy life.
Prestigious people play key role in building happy life in Yen Bai’s mountain hamlets - ảnh 1 The contributions of prestigious people in Tram Tau are widely acknowledged.

The 2-kilometer-long road connecting Luu 2 hamlet and Ta Chu hamlet was recently paved. It used to be a narrow path, so narrow in places that motorbikes could barely avoid hitting each other, making it extremely difficult for people to travel, especially on rainy days.

The local administration, supported by social organizations and prestigious people mobilized people to build a new road.

Lo Van Dinh, a prestigious resident of Luu 2 hamlet, met with every family to discuss the pros and cons of the new road. The villagers responded enthusiastically. Some contributed their labor, others gave money, and some donated land.

Dinh recalled, “First, we must mobilize our own children and grandchildren. Once we do that, others will follow suit. As Uncle Ho used to say, ‘A hundred times easier, things are still difficult without the people; a thousand times more difficult, things can still be achieved with the people’."

Prestigious people play key role in building happy life in Yen Bai’s mountain hamlets - ảnh 284-year-old Vang A Sua’s successful economic development sets an example for others to follow.

84-year-old Vang A Sua of the Mong ethnic minority group in Sang Pao hamlet is the oldest prestigious person in Tram Tau district.

Sua shared his experience in economic development and persuaded people to renounce outdated practices and build a new cultural lifestyle.

He encourages people to develop their traditional crafts and adopt a civilized lifestyle and persuades families to send their children to school.

“Because I’m entrusted as a reputable person, I must live up to the people’s expectations. To persuade others to follow, I have to set a good example, from developing my household economy to participating in social activities,” said Sua.

Giang A Say, Chairman of the Xa Ho communal People’s Committee, spoke highly of Sua and other prestigious people in the commune, who are role models in the community.

“During communication programs to promote production and a cultural lifestyle, the village elders and prestigious people always lead the way,” said A Say.

Tram Tau has 55 reputable people who come from different walks of life. Most of them are village elders, village heads, retired officials, or successful business people. They are the driving force in maintaining solidarity, ensuring social order and safety, and boosting production.

Khang A Chua, Deputy Chairman of the district People's Committee, said that prestigious people have upheld their role in the community in mobilizing people to work hard, sustainably reduce poverty, and create prosperity.

“They have mobilized people to prevent social evils, abandon outdated customs, and build a new lifestyle. Prestigious people have closely coordinated with functional agencies to handle difficult issues of security and social order,” said Chua.

In recent years, the number of poor households in Tram Tau district has decreased 7-8% per year, partly thanks to prestigious people, who have worked closely with the local government to build a prosperous and happy life.