Xe Dang ethnic minority celebrates New Rice Festival

(VOVWORLD) - On the first day of the Solar New Year, the Xe Dang ethnic minority people in Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak province, celebrated the New Rice Festival. The biggest annual worship ceremony of the Xe Dang attracts people of other groups to share in the happiness.
Xe Dang ethnic minority celebrates New Rice Festival - ảnh 1The villagers make Com lam, rice in bamboo tubes. (Photo: VOV)

Families in Kon H’ring hamlet started cooking in the early morning on the first day of the year. The smell of food was everywhere. Their worship offering include glutinous rice in bamboo tubes, liquor in vases, pork, chicken, rat meat, and bitter tomato soup.

H’Vêu who cooked for the ceremony said: “Today is the New Rice ceremony. Our cooking team are all here. We make glutinous rice in bamboo tubes and fry sour young bamboo shoots with pork. Banana trees will be sliced, mixed with rat meat, and grilled. I will bring the food to the communal house where all the villagers will eat together."

Rat meat is an indispensable dish offered to the Gods during the New Rice Festival. Xe Dang people believe that rats destroy crops, so they should be captured and sacrificed to the gods, so that rats will not dare to damage their crops any more.

A Quan, who traps rats in the forest and in terraced fields, said: “I often live home at mid-night and return at 7 or 8 a.m. I set about 50 traps.”

Vi Von, head of Kon H’ring hamlet, said that in the past the Xe Dang lived in Kon Tum province. Due to the wars, they migrated to Dak Lak province in 1988.

Xe Dang ethnic minority celebrates New Rice Festival - ảnh 2People dance around a Neu tree. (photo: VOV)

In the past the Xe Dang celebrated the New Rice Festival within families or with some neighbors from October to December. Since 1994 the New Rice Festival has become a community festival. Every family prepares food and brings them to the communal house to enjoy together.

“We celebrate the New Rice Festival on the first day of the year because at that time we complete harvesting rice and coffee. We gather one a year to share the happiness, talk about our production and experience, and strengthen community bond,” said Von.

When they hear the sounds of gongs welcoming guests, people gather in the yard of the Kon Hring communal house to attend the ceremony. In a solemn atmosphere, senior villagers raise the offerings, pray to the Heaven and Earth, and invite gods and ancestors to the ceremony. They pray for bountiful crops next year.

 “We pray that next year rice will grow as strongly and beautifully as the grass in the forest and sugarcane in the garden. All people passing by want to ask for rice seed. We pray for favorable weather, healthy people, happy family, and the children’s good studying.”

After the ritual, people liquor in vases through bamboo tubes, dance, sing, and play folkgames. All villagers and guests become closer with each other in a joyful New Year festival. 

Nguyen Van Duong from Hanoi said: “The ethnic culture is fantastic. I like cultural activities of the Xe Dang in Kon H’ring hamlet. People here are as friendly as in a family.”

Le Thi Thanh Thuy in Doc hamlet, Ea H’ding commune said that this was the 5th time she attended a New Rice Festival of the Xe Dang. “I see that people here are very happy. They well prepared for their performances. The food is diverse and unique.”

The villagers and guests dance together to share the happiness of a bountiful harvest and hope for a better New Year.

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