Reading culture promoted in Dak Lak’s remote areas

(VOVWORLD) - Many cultural agencies and charity organizations have donated books to villages in remote areas of Dak Lak province to fuel children’s interest in reading.

Reading culture promoted in Dak Lak’s remote areas  - ảnh 1Mobile libraries provide an effective tool to promote reading among pupils. (Photo: VOV)

Under a canopy of trees at To Vinh Dien secondary school in Buon Ho town, a group of students are reading books next to a yellow truck called "Spring Library". Neither the hot, humid weather, the buzzing of cicadas, nor the sounds of other children in the nearby playground distracts the children from their books.

Having just finished reading a poetry collection called “Living a life of grass”, seventh-grader H So Mi Mlo said she finds this mobile library model interesting because it offers different types of books and toys.

“I like this mobile library. There are many useful things to read and learn,” she said.

In addition to books, the mobile library offers the children gifts and fun activities like playing chess, drawing, making figurines, and making book covers.

Ms. Pham Khanh My of Buon Ma Thuot city, who is in charge of the "Spring Library", says the library is designed to give children in remote areas access to reading. In 2020 the Bo Cong Anh company in Buon Ma Thuot city worked with philanthropists on a community project called “Bringing a library to the village”. This project evolved into the “Spring Library” mobile library model, which brings books, toys, and fun activities to remote areas of Dak Lak.

So far, the "Spring Library" has reached 15,000 children at 50 schools, and 12,000 books have been donated.

“We have prepared gifts to encourage the children to read. After reading a book, the children write their opinion of it, which is collected to see how well they understood the book. The children can read and receive gifts at this mobile library,” said Khanh My.

Reading culture promoted in Dak Lak’s remote areas  - ảnh 2The “Spring library” brings books to children in remote areas. (Photo: VOV) 

The “Spring Library” is one of several activities to promote reading culture in the Central Highlands. In 2017 Dak Lak province’s People’s Committee issued a plan to implement a project called on developing reading culture in the community until 2020, with a vision to 2030. The goal of the project is to give people access to information.

“We coordinated with other agencies and with local schools to organize book and reading culture days. These and other activities give the children more experience with reading,” said Ngo Trung Vinh, deputy head of Krong Buk district’s Department of Culture and Information.

According to Mr. Truong Hoai Anh, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Dak Lak province, with the support of agencies and businesses, more and more books are being sent to the province’s remote areas each year. It’s hoped that this, combined with digital transformation, will encourage reading culture among the children of Dak Lak.

“In the era of Industry 4.0, we hope to involve more people in reading so we can build a learning society. To reach our goal, authorities at all levels should try to make reading a daily activity in the community,” said Hoai Anh.

Reading culture has been promoted in the Central Highlands through libraries set up at communal cultural centers and border guard stations, and mobile libraries making the rounds of villages and schools in remote areas.