Reading culture promoted in digital age

(VOVWORLD) - The vigorous development of technology has considerably affected reading habits and culture around the world. Schools and local authorities in the northern city of Hai Phong have organized many useful activities to promote a love for reading, especially among young people.

Reading culture promoted in digital age  - ảnh 1A mobile library attracts many young readers in Hai Phong. (Photo: VOV) 

Hai Phong-born Hero of the People’s Armed Forces  Pham Ngoc Da fought in the resistance war against French colonialists. His story was recently brought to the stage by pupils of Le Hong Phong Primary School.

The role-playing helped pupils better understand and remember the meaningful story. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, a 9th grader in Dong Thai Secondary School, said he gets more interested in reading after participating in workshops and performing in plays about book characters.

“Now, with a smart phone, we can get access to different sources of information and entertainment. The book workshops, exchanges, and festivals have made us more aware of the role of reading and how to choose a good book,” said Minh.

Schools in Hai Phong have organized various activities to promote reading culture among students and pupils, including book displays and festivals, and exchanges.

Workshops on how to choose both printed and e-books and ways to apply book knowledge into life practice have also been held.

Teacher Nguyen Duc Nam, the head of Hoa Nghia Secondary School, said his school organizes workshops to introduce books and instruct pupils how to read effectively.

“Our school is boosting communication to encourage pupils to read both printed and e-books. Each class is asked to set up a reading corner where teachers and pupils can find books and magazines for their teaching and learning,” said Nam.

Reading culture promoted in digital age  - ảnh 2Hai Phong has organized book fairs to encourage young people to read. (Photo: VOV) 

Mr. Le Van Kien, Deputy Director of Hai Phong City’s Department of Information and Communication, has said the love for reading should be spread not only in schools but throughout all of society.

“We have worked with the city’s Department of Training and Education, the municipal Youth Union, and relevant agencies to organize various activities to promote a reading culture. Besides printed books, we now have access to e-books. We should create measures to access books in the digital era.”