Determined to create breakthrough in Party building and rectification

(VOVWORLD) - The birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam on February 3, 1930 was a turning point in the history of Vietnam, bringing the Vietnamese revolution from one victory to another. During the past 93 years, the Party has attached great importance to Party building and rectification and has been consistent in continuing and developing guidelines suitable to each period of national development. The Party has strengthened Party building and rectification by constantly fine-tuning related guidelines.
Determined to create breakthrough in Party building and rectification - ảnh 1At the 23rd session of the Central Steering Committee for Anti-Corruption (Photo: VNA)

The 3rd National Party Congress in 1960 set out the tasks of building the Party on three pillars: ideology, politics, and organization. This structure changed in 2016, when the 12th National Party Congress made morality a fundamental element of Party building to meet the requirements of the new situation.

Fine-tuning policies on Party building

The 12th National Party Congress decided that Party building work should be strengthened on four pillars: politics, ideology, organization, and morality. At the 13th Congress, the Communist Party of Vietnam made cadre work an important and fundamental category of Party building in addition to politics, ideology, morality, and organization.

Nguyen Duc Ha, former Director of the Organization Commission of the Party Central Committee said: “Today cadres need to be proactive and creative instead of staying passive. They should be aware of what they need to do to fulfill their duties. It’s important to base decisions on people’s aspiration and will. The Party General Secretary has repeatedly reminded  us that we can overcome any difficulty if we work for the sake of the country, the people, and the Party."       

Since the renewal process began in 1986, the Communist Party of Vietnam has adopted several resolutions on Party building and rectification. In the last 10 years, the Party Central Committees have issued important resolutions, conclusions, and regulations on Party building and rectification.

They include the Resolution of the 11th Party Central Committee on "Some urgent issues on Party building", the Resolution of the 12th Party Central Committee on “Strengthening Party building and rectification and preventing and repelling the deterioration of political ideology, morality, lifestyle, and self-evolution and self-transformation manifestations”, the Directive on "Following Ho Chi Minh thought, morality and lifestyle", and the Regulation on “Party officials and members’ responsibilities for setting an example with members of the Party Politburo, the Party Secretariat and the Party Central Committee taking the lead."

Continuing and promoting major contents of the previous Party Central Committee Resolutions, the 13th National Party Congress adopted a Resolution covering various aspects and considering the fight against corruption and waste an important task. The Resolution highlighted the Party’s strong determination to resolutely and persistently fight against corruption and waste with stronger, more thorough, more effective actions in order to strengthen Party building and rectification, consolidate the political system; and enhance national unity.

Key factor, motivation to strengthen the system

Strengthening Party building and rectification is a key factor which creates a driving force to consolidate the political system. Building a pure, strong, effective, and efficient political system will create a solid foundation for strengthening the Party leadership.

The 4th Plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee issued Conclusion 21 on strengthening Party building and rectification and the political system. The Conclusion stresses the need to accelerate Party building and rectification and strengthen the political system in order to improve the Party leadership capacity, ruling capacity, and combat power.

The Party building work should focus on improving the Party leadership in building and fine-tuning the law-governed socialist State of Vietnam. Professor Dr. Le Minh Thong of the Central Theoretical Council said: “In a law-governed State, the Party must exercise its power for the people, according to the law.”

The Party leads the fight against individualism, opposes cadres and Party members who have degraded in political thought, morality, and lifestyle, or shown manifestations of self-evolution, or self-transformation; harmoniously combines "building" and "fighting" as a fundamental, strategic, long-term, and regular task.

The Party is determined to strengthen the Party, enhance its bond with the people, become more trusted by the people, and improved its capacity to realize the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress.