Foreigners help Da Nang’s poor people

(VOVWORLD) - Many foreigners living in Da Nang city have donated money to buy food for poor Vietnamese people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some say Da Nang is their second home, so its fight against COVID-19 is their fight, too.
Foreigners help Da Nang’s poor people - ảnh 1Michael Harris's group and Youth's Power Club in Thach Thang ward bring gifts to poor people in Da Nang.

Michael Harris, a British teacher, has organized a group of donors from several countries, including the UK, the US, and Canada. He has been living in Da Nang for two years and says Da Nang is a wonderful city that welcomes foreigners who want to live and work here. He said it’s time they did something for Da Nang.

“I made a personal expat group on Facebook either to help how to ask and how to volunteer during the crisis. I’ve got lots of from responses people, expats, and also local people. Then I got contact from TV and newspaper journalists,” Harris said.

Mr. Harris’s group has collected hundreds of kilos of rice, facemasks, hand cleaner, and other necessities for people in Hai Chau district, the COVID-19 epicenter of Da Nang. Philip Holt, another British man, said: “Measures have been taking including social distancing rule and locking down of the city. It’s really beneficial and helpful. I feel really safe. The government has been looking after everyone including us. I’m not concerned for my health.”

Many other individuals from South Korea, France, and the US are doing their part to help the community. They say they are praying that Da Nang city and Vietnam contains the pandemic soon.