Hanoi takes further steps to contain COVID-19 as infections spike

(VOVWORLD) - In recent days, Hanoi has recorded a number COVID-19 infections transmitted within the community or coming from pandemic-hit areas outside Hanoi. To keep the virus from spreading locally, municipal authorities have stepped up its pandemic control measures.
Hanoi takes further steps to contain COVID-19 as infections spike - ảnh 1

Hanoi Chairman Chu Ngoc Anh on Sunday signed an urgent dispatch enforcing stronger measures to contain COVID-19. Beginning Monday, Hanoi residents are asked to leave their home only when absolutely necessary, to follow the disease prevention measures known as ‘5K’ recommended by the Ministry of Health, to avoid gatherings of more than 5 people outside of offices, schools, and hospitals, and to submit health declarations regularly at website www.tokhaiyte.vn or on the NCovi and Bluezone apps.

22 check points have set up at the city’s main points of entry to control people and vehicles traveling between Hanoi and other localities.

All individuals arriving in Hanoi are given a body temperature check and health inspection.

Colonel Tran Ngoc Duong, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Police, says: 'The municipal Party Committee has stressed the importance of preventing the virus from entering the city. We have set up check points and all entrants must submit a negative COVID-19 test certificate or a vaccination certificate.'

Hanoi has also made plans for possible worse scenarios. The city has prepared 54 more quarantine camps with a total of 40,000 beds, in addition to  the already approved 20 additional quarantine sites which are capable of receiving 11,000 people. Tran Van Chung, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Health Department, says, 'All quarantine sites for F1 cases in Hanoi have cameras which are connected to a control center. The Health Department has set up 3 inspection teams. Since the 4th wave of the pandemic began, the city has quarantined more than 5,000 people and no cross-infections have yet been reported.'

Hanoi has recorded 872 COVID-19 cases so far including 20 deaths.