Human rights ensured in building a law-governed state

(VOVWORLD) - Ensuring human rights is among the major issues in building a Vietnamese law-governed socialist state. This view has been pursued and upheld by the Communist Party of Vietnam.
Human rights ensured in building a law-governed state - ảnh 1President Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the workshop on "Theoretical and practical issues of the law-governed socialist State of Vietnam" in December, 2021

Since its foundation in 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam has paid special attention to protecting human rights by upholding the mottos of “Free Vietnam” and “Equality between men and women” and the universal right to education. In the Vietnam Revolutionary Thesis adopted at the 2nd Party Congress in 1951, the Party highlighted the goal of ensuring that all citizens enjoy human rights, civil rights, and property rights. Though the statement was only general, the Party’s guideline in this regard reflected the progressive awareness of universal human rights at that time.

Vietnam’s legal framework on human rights has been continuously improved and consolidated since 1986, particularly in the 2001 revisions to the 1992 Constitution and in the 2013 Constitution. Vietnam's legal framework on human rights now is quite comprehensive and basically compatible with international standards. Vietnam has also obtained undeniably great achievements in ensuring human rights, especially economic, social, and cultural rights, which are highly appreciated by the international community.

It has been proved that the core values of a law-governed State which concern people's sovereignty and the ideology of upholding justice and human rights that the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh have pursued are the lodestar for the building of a rule-of-law state.

With the extensive international integration and improved people’s living standards, Vietnam continues to fine-tune its laws and enforcement mechanisms to better protect human rights.

Addressing a workshop on "Theoretical and practical issues of the law-governed socialist State of Vietnam" in December, 2021, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc said: "Universal and progressive ideas about a law-governed state demonstrate that the State must put itself under the law and be bound by the law. Second, people's sovereignty is the source of the legitimacy of the State, whose ultimate goal is to serve the people. Third, it’s important to uphold equality, justice, and human rights."

Vietnam has creatively and rationally applied the world's knowledge of the rule of law into its practice to build a law-governed socialist state, which will embrace universal values and standards of a law-governed state as well as Vietnamese characteristics.

Mr. Phuc said: "The socialist law-governed state of Vietnam is the State that makes the people the source and the master of State power and all power belong to the people, exercises socialist democracy, ensures democracy for the people, and protects the people's legitimate interests. The State respects and protects human rights and citizens' rights, and respects international commitments to which Vietnam is a member. Legal responsibility is enhanced in the relationship between the State and citizens during international integration."

Ensuring human rights is not only the main requirement in building a socialist law-governed state, but also a core factor to ensure national stability. Focusing on building a law-governed state in connection with ensuring human rights while perfecting institutions matches with Vietnam’s reality and the global trend.