UN calls for actions to end inequality in the fight against HIV/AIDS

(VOVWORLD) - December 1st is observed as World AIDS Day. This year’s slogan is “Equalize”, a call for the world to address inequalities and help end AIDS by 2030, a goal set by the UN General Assembly.
UN calls for actions to end inequality in the fight against HIV/AIDS - ảnh 1(Photo: undp.org)

Inequality, the cause of the long AIDS epidemic, is not inevitable. The world can fix it. This World AIDS Day, 1 December, UNAIDS is urging each of person to address the inequalities which are holding back progress in ending AIDS. 

UNAIDS has proposed a number of actions that can be taken to create equality in the fight against HIV/AIDS: increase the availability and effectiveness of HIV treatment, testing, and prevention; reform laws, policies and practices to end the stigma and exclusion faced by people living with HIV; share technology to enusre equal access to the best HIV science; and to address other HIV-AIDS-related inequalities.

Data on the global HIV response shows that over the past two years, COVID-19 and other global crises have slowed progress against the HIV pandemic and shrunk resources, putting millions of people in danger. In the 4 decades since humans began fighting HIV/AIDS, inequalities have persisted in testing, treatment, and access to new technologies for HIV/AIDS treatment.

Young women in Africa are still heavily affected by HIV/AIDS because the coverage of programs specifically tailored to them is inadequate.

In 19 African countries, preventive health programs specifically designed for adolescent girls and young women have been implemented in only 40% of the places with the highest HIV rate. Only one-third of people living with HIV/AIDS have access to regular treatment. They often face discrimination and stigma.

The world has only 8 years left to reach the 2030 goal to end the AIDS epidemic. According to UNAIDS, economic, social, cultural and legal inequalities must be addressed as a matter of urgency, or else they will exacerbate the danger to everyone.

UNAIDS is calling on world leaders to act more responsibly in addressing this issue, and on people around the world to do all they can to end inequality in the fight against HIV/AIDS.