Vietnam-Lao friendship, solidarity flourish

(VOVWORLD) - 2022 is being observed as the Year of Vietnam-Laos Friendship Solidarity, with the two countries celebrating the 60th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties and the 45th year of their Amity and Cooperation Treaty. These are important historical events which vividly reflect the special Vietnam-Laos friendship.
Vietnam-Lao friendship, solidarity flourish - ảnh 1Thoongsavanh Phomvihane, head of the External Relations Commission of the Lao Revolutionary Party’s Central Committee (photo: VOV) 

The Vietnam-Laos relationship has been fostered throughout the two countries’ history of national defense, construction, and development. 

Bilateral ties fostered by pure sentiment, close friendship

The establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties in 1962 opened a new chapter in the development of each country. Fifteen years later the two signed the Vietnam-Lao Amity and Cooperation Treaty, affirming their determination to work closely to defend national independence and boost the socio-economic development of each country. 

Thoongsavanh Phomvihane, head of the External Relations Commission of the Lao Revolutionary Party’s Central Committee, said: "Since diplomatic ties were established 60 years ago, the two countries have stood shoulder to shoulder in the fight against their enemies, winning national independence in 1975. Two years later, in 1977, we signed the Amity and Cooperation Treaty. This has been a firm foundation for strengthening and expanding bilateral ties. During the period of renewal in the 1980s, the Laos-Vietnam relationship was upgraded by leaders of both countries who helped each other overcome difficulties and bring into play internal strengths to uphold the role and prestige of each country."

Vietnam-Laos cooperation over the years has contributed to politics, national defense, security, diplomacy, economics, trade, investment, education, and culture. The special friendship between the two countries has grown stronger over the years. 

Vietnam-Lao friendship, solidarity flourish - ảnh 2Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Sengphet Houngboungnuang (photo: VOV) 

Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Sengphet Houngboungnuang said:  “The Lao-Vietnam relationship is not simply one between neighbors, but a brotherhood. As President Kaysone Phomvihan once said: ‘In the history of the world, there have been many examples of good international relations, but nowhere in the world is there a more special, long-standing, and comprehensive friendship than that of Laos and Vietnam.’”

Former Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos Nguyen Manh Hung said:  “What I feel deeply in my heart is the special sentiment of the Lao people for Vietnamese people. Currently, Laos’s cooperation with other countries is expanding and Vietnam is not a top investor in Laos, but it is always first in the hearts of Lao people. This is a precious asset that our two peoples need to respect and foster.”

Enhancing cooperation for mutual development 

Vietnam and Laos have respected and prioritized their special relationship as comrades and brothers. To raise economic cooperation to the same level as their friendship, leaders of the two countries have agreed to strengthen economic and infrastructure links to help Laos achieve its goal of becoming a regional logistics center with links to the seas and oceans. 

They have agreed to expand cooperation in education and training, giving priority to training cadres and managers. The two countries will continue to support each other at multilateral forums like the UN, ASEAN, and the Mekong Sub-Region cooperation mechanism. 

They have pledged to work with other ASEAN countries, support Cambodia’s ASEAN Chairmanship in 2022, and maintain solidarity within ASEAN.

Mr. Thoongsavanh Phomvihane said: "Our two countries pledge to work closely for mutual development, coordinate to defend national independence, sovereignty, and the interests of the people, and maintain our close friendship. For decades we have overcome difficulties in national construction and defense together. Now we need to further strengthen bilateral ties, deepen mutual understanding, and continue to help each other overcome difficulties and meet challenges."