TikTok found to violate Vietnamese law, says MIC official

(VOVWORLD) - TikTok has committed a number violations in Vietnam, said Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (MIC) Nguyen Thanh Lam at a press briefing in Hanoi on Monday, citing the initial results of a comprehensive inspection of the platform’s operations in the country.
TikTok found to violate Vietnamese law, says MIC official - ảnh 1TikTok has been found to violate Vietnamese law, according to initial results of a comprehensive inspection of the social media platform's operations which is underway.

However, he refused to give further detail of what violations were, saying the inspection is not over yet.

Eight ministries and agencies have begun a comprehensive inspection of TikTok’s operations since May 15, and the results of the inspection are scheduled to be announced next month.

In early April, the Authority of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information, under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said the social media platform has spread content which has negative consequences on public life, the economy, and society.

It has failed to handle violations in content related to politics, hostile activities against the Party and Government, fake news, and harmful content.

TikTok has used an automatic distribution algorithm in order to create trends and distribute content for views, thereby adversely affecting the community and young people.

It has launched an e-commerce service, although it has not adopted effective measures to prevent the trading and marketing of fake and imitation goods, aphrodisiacs, and supplementary of unknown origin.

Among other violations of national laws, content that violates intellectual property rights remains rampant, and the social medial platform has not done enough to prevent such practices.

Due to poor management TikTok had let users arbitrarily use private and personal images to spread fake news, smears, and insults to others.

TiKTok has said it is looking forward to receiving the inspection delegation as it will be a great opportunity for the management of the platform to listen to suggestions and operate better in the future.

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