VNPT e-Cabinet aims to build Vietnam’s e-government

(VOVWORLD) - As digital trends are quickly entering Vietnam’s society, VNPT Group has developed and launched various electronic solutions targeting digital transformation of the economy, society, and state agencies. The process has recorded initial results. The VNPT e-Cabinet software has proved its efficiency and contributed to building an e-government.  
VNPT e-Cabinet aims to build Vietnam’s e-government - ảnh 1A VNPT representative in Binh Phuoc province introduces the e-Cabinet app. (photo:

State management agencies used a lot of papers from documents, reports, directions and meeting brochures. The use of paper has such limitations as cost of stationery, printing, and documents’ storage, time to search for documents, information insecurity and many other inadequacies. To this end, VNPT has researched and developed a set of paperless office solutions including products such as: Electronic document management with support for digital signature VNPT-eOffice; Work management that allows monitoring the implementation of tasks; Management of VNPT-eCabinet paperless sessions to suit your needs and reality.

E-Cabinet or paperless office software aims to change working methods of state agencies and businesses from using a lot of paper to electronic documents and online management, making an important contribution to management and administration efficiency and creating a modern and civilized working environment.

E-Cabinet helps reduce administrative documents for meetings, save printing costs and time preparing papers, enhance interaction between meeting participants, and improve work and management quality.

E-Cabinet can integrate easily with other applications through the API system, connecting with devices such as TV screen, QR Code machine, Laptop/Tablet, and SMS/Email. It has a user-friendly interface and highly interactive functions. The app can manage online meeting notes remotely and support digital signing on SIM Mobile PKI.

With many advantages, VNPT’s paperless meeting room system has been used and trusted by many provinces and cities to speed up working efficiency, save costs, and help provincial and city leaders make quick, accurate, and timely decisions.

VNPT General Director Huynh Quang Liem said: “This app has been used daily at administrative agencies. It will further develop in an ecosystem of many applications using AI to improve efficiency and simplify procedures.”

VNPT e-Cabinet solution is deployed on cloud infrastructure at VNPT's leading Uptime Tier3 standard data centers. As a result, the data is always available, safe, and secured at the highest level. The system is designed and equipped with many updated features and tools, thereby bringing many benefits to users.

VNPT e-Cabinet includes an e-document system with digital signatures, an e-document system to monitor, oversee, remind work, check task performance, and a paperless meeting system. The application is built to manage meeting contents before, during, and after meetings. VNPT e-Cabinet has been used at almost all central to local administrative agencies and received positive feedback.

Nguyen Chi Kien, Deputy Head of the General Department of the Government Office, said: “Currently the Government Office has implemented paperless method to handle all work on digital platforms. Ministries, sectors, and localities do not need to come to receive documents but receive e-documents. For example e-invitations with e-signatures of the leaders are sent by the Government Office and received by government members immediately. Meeting documents are continuously updated on the system for government members to access before a meeting begins.”

E-Cabinet helps the management, direction, and administration of provincial and city leaders more effectively, and at the same time saves up to 50% of printing and paper delivery costs.

In recent years, governments and businesses around the world, including Vietnam, have faced challenges that require appropriate changes to match the advancement of technology and science. The boom of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and the digital transformation have become inevitable trends for the existence and development of governments, organizations, businesses, and all social aspects.

Vietnam is drastically speeding up the progress of building e-Government. The e-Cabinet system and the application of Instant Assignment-Smart Reminder, developed by VNPT is a practical and effective solution for the management and administration of the local authorities nationwide. The roll-out of VNPT e-Cabinet is a testament to Vietnam's determination in administrative reform by applying technology into practice towards a modern public administration based on advanced technology that meets practical requirements and development trends in the world.

Being a leading telecommunications and information technology enterprise in Vietnam, VNPT plays a key role in Vietnam’s digital revolution. It’s a vanguard in building a digital government and digital economy, and a top flag in digital transformation in Vietnam and towards the global scope.

VNPT has made strong breakthroughs in digital transformation and applied IoT, Big Data, and BlockChain technologies to create superior digital products and services and a digital ecosystem for customers. Currently, VNPT provides digital solutions for diverse digital ecosystems spanning different sectors, including education, healthcare, agriculture, and smart city.

In recent years, VNPT participated in key digital transformation projects for Government and businesses. With an investment strategy to develop digital ecosystems in many fields and promote digital solutions and services, VNPT has become a dynamic economic group that focuses on innovative and breakthrough ICT products, services, and solutions.

VNPT has partnered with many businesses to provide digital infrastructure solutions and comprehensive digital transformation solutions for infrastructure and human resource management. VNPT’s solutions help optimize the customer experience and customize high-tech platforms such as AI, IoT, and Big Data for businesses to solve their specific digital transformation problems.

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