Jam roly-poly

(VOVWORLD) - Today we’ve got a traditional English cake which is perfect for kids parties, family gatherings or even for a sweet treat that you can make together. Treat your sweet tooth this weekend to a Jam Roly Poly, which is so simple to make at home and tastes so much better than the shop-bought version.

B: This mouthwatering recipe will make sure you whip up a perfect, jam-filled pudding every time you make it, according to Sanny Hoskins, an English University student.

“It’s so good. It’s one of my favorites. I remember the first time I had it with my friends when we were 11. We were so excited because the name is Jam Roly Poly. It sounds so cool. Have you ever had a Swiss roll before? It’s like a version of the Swiss roll. So you make the pastry which is a dough made from flour and butter and no sugar,” said Sanny.

Jam roly-poly - ảnh 1The finished roly poly has a texture somewhere in between a soft cookie and a pie crust. (Souce: depositphotos.com) 

A: The Jam Roly Poly and Swiss roll may look the same but have quite different recipes. 

B: Yes. Swiss rolls are made by baking the sponge first then it is filled with jam or whipped cream, pastry cream, or chocolate ganache, while the jam roly poly is made with a dough similar to pie crust, and it is baked with the jam inside it. 

A: The finished roly poly has a texture somewhere in between a soft cookie anda pie crust. Sanny will tell you how to make meringue in your kitchen.

“So first of all you grab some butter and flour. The cake doesn’t need any sugar because it’s already very sweet from all of the jam. So you only actually need 3 ingredients, which are flour, butter, and jam. It’s very easy to make.  It would be nice if you could add raisins or something in there. And you just spread it out with a rolling pin. You roll out the dough and then on top you spread strawberry jam. And then when it’s all covered, you will have a square of dough and a square of jam on top. You roll it all together and then you cook it in the oven for about an hour," Sanny said. 

A: You can choose your favorite jam to make a roly-poly you’ll love, not only strawberry but blackberry jam or any other berries that satisfy your tastes, for example raspberries, blueberries, or a even a combination.

B: I have a tip for jam covering, which is spreading the jam over the surface leaving a 5mm border. Carefully roll the cake loosely because if you roll it too tightly, the expansion of the dough in the oven will split the pudding. 

A: When golden brown and fully cooked, it’s time to eat. 

“When it’s comes out from the oven, you just chop it up and then you can add the custard, because custard is a great thing to add to a dessert. So it’s like a loaf of dough and jam but really lovely,” Sanny added. 

Jam roly-poly - ảnh 2The Jam roly poly tastes divine fresh from the oven, still warm and covered in thick creamy custard (Photo: pressfrom.info)  

A: The Jam roly poly tastes divine fresh from the oven, still warm and covered in thick creamy custard. This is an old school dessert and will brighten up anyone’s day, especially when served on a cold and grey winter day. Baked in the oven to create a nice crispy, sugary crust to crack your spoon into, and smothered in creamy custard and sweet jam, it's a real comfort food classic.

B: All very simple, all very quick and you will be going for this jammy treat over and over again. If you like this recipe, please let us know by visiting our Facebook Fanpage, VOV5 English Service, and leaving a comment. And tell us what you’d like us to cook next time.
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