Foreigners allowed to change visa status while in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - The National Assembly has voted for amendments to the immigration law, for the first time allowing visitors to change their visa status and prolong their stays in Vietnam without having to fly out of the country. 
Foreigners allowed to change visa status while in Vietnam - ảnh 1

The amendment was approved by an overwhelming 83 per cent to the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners. The law will come into effect on July 1 next year, allowing for visitors to apply to change their visas under a number of circumstances.

Visitors who can prove they are investors or representatives of foreign organizations that make legal investments in Vietnam will be allowed to have their purpose of visit switched during their stay in the country. Family members of invitees will also enjoy the same advantage.

Foreign workers who receive job offers in Vietnam or enter the country on e-visas will be able to change their visa status as long as they have a work permit or a confirmation that they are exempt from a work permit. These amendments mark a landmark change in policy, as foreign guests currently have to fly out of the country if they want to renew their visas.