US Senate passes bill to avert government shutdown, sending it to President Biden to sign

(VOVWORLD) - On Wednesday the US Senate passed legislation to extend funding for federal agencies, moving the bill forward to avert a government shutdown. It now goes to President Biden’s desk just days before the weekend deadline.

This bill was previously passed in the House of Representatives. Thus, the US Government temporarily avoids the risk of shutting down due to lack of funding. The deadline for the US Congress to approve the federal government’s operating budget for fiscal year 2024 is Friday, November 17.

The temporary budget bill of the US Congress is divided into two phases. Priorities for phase one through January 19, 2024 include funding for military construction, veterans affairs, transportation, housing and the Department of Energy. The budget for phase two extending through February 2, 2024 will cover the remaining federal government agencies. Passing this bill will give Democratic and Republican lawmakers more time to negotiate each side’s conditions to pass a budget for the federal government for the entire 2024 fiscal year.