VOV’s overseas broadcasts reach wider public

(VOVWORLD) - Many of the various language programs of VOV’s Overseas Service were first broadcast on September 7, but in different years. Since their debut they have developed their own characters, adding to the diversity of VOV5 as a multilingual radio station.

VOV’s overseas broadcasts reach wider public - ảnh 1VOV's broadcasters and rapper Gonzo and Tling on Lunch Show on the VOV24/7 English (photo: VOV)

That’s the theme song of the Lunch Show on the VOV24/7 English channel, an interactive program that debuted on VOV in 2017. The VOV24/7 channel has 20 programs, including What’s On, Business, Digital Life, That’s Life, Culture Rendezvous, Bizarre Stories, and more.

Deputy Head of the English section Dang Mai Phuong says: “The VOV 24/7 radio programs target expats in Vietnam and Vietnamese who speak English. But listeners in many countries listen to our programs online. We have a wide range of listeners, so we have to diversify our programs to meet different tastes. We always put Vietnam in a global context so our articles feature Vietnam’s engagement with world trends. To the news and articles provided by VOV’s Editorial Secretariat, the English section adds special stories to fill out the picture of Vietnamese people and life in Vietnam.”

VOV’s overseas broadcasts reach wider public - ảnh 2Editors and broadcasters of VOV5's French program (photo: VOV)

In 2021 VOV’s Overseas Service received 19,000 letters and emails from listeners in 48 countries and territories. In the first half of this year, we received nearly 10,000 letters, emails, and phonecalls, an increase of 5.8% compared to the same period last year.  

You’re listening to a promotional tune French program on the about VOV’s 13 language programs. Head of the French section Tran Thi Thanh Phuong said they steadily improve their programs and promotions to reach more listeners.

“Improving our radio programs is a regular task to keep up with global trends. 2 years ago we changed our format to keep listeners on our channel longer and convey more information. In addition to radio broadcasts, our reports, stories, and music programs are available on our website and other digital platforms so radio listeners can listen to our programs again.”  

VOV’s overseas broadcasts reach wider public - ảnh 3Staff of the Korean language (photo: VOV)

The Korean language section is the newest addition to VOV’s Overseas Service. It has attracted a large number of listeners in Vietnam and Korea.

Luu Anh Tuan, Head of the Northeast Asia program, says staff regularly improve their production and programming to keep up with global radio trends.

“In Learning Vietnamese for Korean people, our broadcasters and collaborators have friendly, lively discussions in the studio to engage the listeners. These programs are very popular. We intend to produce podcasts and audio for other digital media so more people can enjoy VOVKorean.”

The reporters, broadcasters, and staff of VOV’s 13 language programs are striving every day to be the best source of information about Vietnam for  listeners around the world.

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