Cultural revival, foundation for economic recovery, sustainable development

(VOVWORLD) -The business community is the heart of the economy. Corporate culture is a system of values, attitudes, and behaviors that govern the formation and development of an enterprise. Reviving culture and reviving corporate culture in particular is extremely important, contributing to developing a sustainable Vietnamese economy in the new context.

Cultural revival, foundation for economic recovery, sustainable development - ảnh 1The 2022 National Culture and Business Forum (Photo:

The message was released at the 2022 National Culture and Business Forum in Hanoi on Saturday. At the forum, themed "Cultural revival - foundation for economic recovery and sustainable development", participants clarified the role, missions, and solutions to revive corporate culture and its contributions to the national economic recovery and development.

Le Viet Hai, President of Hoa Binh Construction Group, said the national culture can be seen through corporate culture, adding that a good corporate culture will develop the economy and revive the national culture.

“It’s essential for enterprises to understand the importance of corporate culture for the survival of the business and do internal communication so that all employees can work together to build corporate culture. Building culture is to set  up a routine, working style, thus it must be done continuously to turn it into the good habits of the company,” according to Hai.

Ha Thi Thu Thanh, Chairperson and and one of the founders of Deloitte Vietnam, said that entrepreneurs-business leaders are the core of shaping corporate culture, contributing to the formation of Vietnamese business culture in the global integration.

“Corporate culture is to demonstrate the values, beliefs, and identity of each business. It must be led by the leader of the business. Shaping corporate culture affects the business environment and, in return, will impact the business culture. Building and developing a business culture must start from the ethics of business leaders themselves,” said Thanh.