Vietnam ranks fourth in new ’well-being’ study

(VOVworld) – Vietnam has ranked fourth of 149 countries in converting national wealth into well-being for the population, according to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA).

Vietnam ranks fourth in new ’well-being’ study - ảnh 1
(Photo: VNA)

The results are detailed in BCG’s inaugural SEDA report for Vietnam, the Lotus Nation: Sustaining Vietnam’s Impressive Gains in Well-Being, which was released on Tuesday. The assessment found that Vietnam, which has a per capita GDP of approximately 5,200 USD, has well-being levels that would be expected of a country with a per capita GDP of more than 10,000 USD. Vietnam is also above average in converting economic growth into well-being improvements. BCG made some suggestions to the Vietnamese government for improving the labor market and vocational training for young workers in high demand areas.