New Delhi pollution hits dangerous level

(VOVWORLD) - New Delhi has become one of the most polluted cities in the world, posing a major risk to people’s health. Visitors have fled New Delhi because of the thick smog covering the entire area.
New Delhi pollution hits dangerous level - ảnh 1 (Photo:

During the final days of 2017, in parts of New Delhi the air quality far exceeded the maximum safe level, standing at 1,095 on the AQI scale. Anything above 400 on this scale is considered “severe”.

Doctors say breathing in such a polluted environment is equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day and can cause severe lung ailments. Conditions have forced city administrators to close schools and ban trucks from entering the city.

Air pollution is considered the main cause of cancer, lung disease, cardiovascular problems, acute respiratory ailments, and premature birth. The Indian government has warned people to wear breathing masks, use air purifiers, avoid going outside, and eat more nutritious food. 

The air quality in Delhi remains stuck in the 'very poor' category. Experts say each city dweller should use 5 medical oxygen cylinders a day to ensure health.

A number of measures have been applied to curb the air pollution in New Delhi. These include banning diesel vehicles of 2,000 cc and above and conducting communications campaigns on environmental protection.

AccuWeather’s Senior Meteorologist Jasson Nicholls said there should be at least 6 strong winter storms to clear away the current smog over northern India.

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