Revising Land Law to serve national development

(VOVworld) – The revised Land Law is one of the 4 outstanding issues on the agenda of the 6th session of the 13th National Assembly in Hanoi. The draft law is scheduled to be approved by National Assembly deputies on November 29th to replace the 2003 Land Law to serve the needs of national socio-economic development and strengthen state land governance.

Revising Land Law to serve national development - ảnh 1
National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung

Revised Land Law debated in three sessions

The revised Land Law is an important and difficult law which has a large influence on social security, politics, and people’s lives. After discussing the revised Land Law at the previous two sessions and putting it on a national referendum, the National Assembly has not approved it under regular procedures but has to debate it one more time at the 6th session.

Experts say the draft law was written using a careful, scientific, and responsible procedure. National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said: “The revised Land Law has a large regulatory scope and direct impact on economic development and political stability. The bill has received great public attention and a lot of recommendations. The National Assembly spent 3 sessions discussing it, instructed functional organizations to study it, and collected public and National Assembly opinions to fine tune it.

Revised Land Law integrates the interests of the nation and the people   

The draft Land Law covers land ownership, the State’s rights as a land ownership representative, and the rights and obligations of land users. It stipulates land management, planning, and usage in general and in specific cases and improves cohesion between land use planning and development plans of other sectors. It redefines land finance regulations, land price, bidding for land use rights, land acquisition, compensation, and resettlement. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Minh Quang said: “The revised Land Law has adopted many new contents, especially relating to land acquisition and compensation policies and land price. These contents were agreed based on the interests of the nation and the people. In the past, we revoked land for socio-economic development purposes. It has caused some problems related to people’s interests, leading to complaints. The revised Law will resolve these issues. Land acquisition will be strictly regulated.”

Preparing a legal foundation for law enforcement

Minister Nguyen Minh Quang said legal conditions are now in place for enforcing the revised Land Law. “Functional agencies have sent 5 draft decrees to National Assembly deputies including a decree on land price. We will finalize them within half a year.”

10 years of applying the 2003 Land Law revealed shortcomings in land regulations. 70 to 80% of all petitions and complaints related to this sector. It’s important for the National Assembly to thoroughly discuss the revised Land Law to create a comprehensive legal framework for resolving current issues and ensuring sustainable national development.

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