National Assembly discuss revised Land Law

(VOVworld) – The 13th National Assembly deputies on Monday continued to discuss the revised Land Law during its on-going 5th session. The revised Land Law has caught special attention from Vietnamese people within and beyond the country. The discussion was broadcast live on Vietnam’s National TV and Radio.

National Assembly discuss revised Land Law - ảnh 1
A national online-conference to collect National Assembly deputies' opinions' to the revised Land Law

Deputies stated the revised Land Law has sough to minimize shortcomings on land use planning, compensation, clearance, and prices, and assistance for resettlement. The revisions reaffirm public ownership of land and that the State represents the public in managing land to ensure harmonious interest of the State and people.
The deputies agreed that when it’s needed, the State can confiscate land for defense, security, national and public interest, and socio-economic development projects. Le Thi Cong is a deputy of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. "Land use planning should be structured based on the general socio-economic development. I agree that land use planning should be projected for 10 years and land use plan for 5 years. Land use planning is decided at the national, provincial, and district levels which matches the requirement of administrative reform and saves cost, labor and time. In order to obtain consensus in land confiscation for socio-economic development, I agree that the land price must be decided on a par with the market value."

Implementing the resolution of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on gathering public opinions on the revised Land Law, the Government has conducted a wide referendum and collected 7 million recommendations from agencies, organizations, and people.