Wednesday May 15, 2024

(VOVWORLD) - It’s summer in Vietnam now. But since early May, the northern region has experienced relatively cool weather, which is quite different from previous years. A strong storm and heavy rain often come after several hot days. 

Wednesday May 15, 2024 - ảnh 1Giant crepe myrtle around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi  ( 
 A: Last week the daytime temperatures hovered about 35 degrees Celsius, and nighttime temperatures dropped to 21 to 26 degree Celsius.

B: The National Weather Forecast Center says that in the coming week Vietnam’s northern region will have Northeast wind and moderate rain with temperatures down to around 30 degree Celsius. Then a heat wave is forecast to hit the North later this month with the highest temperatures during the day in Hanoi rising to about 40 degrees Celsius.

A: The weather pattern can change suddenly during the day, so we have a funny saying that “sunny morning, rainy afternoon, and cold northeast wind at noon”.

B: Unusual weather patterns have been discussed more frequently around the world. Our listeners in India told us that its’ summer in India now, with most of the places having the temperatures reaching to 40 to 45 degrees Celsius since April.

A: In Vietnam the highest temperatures ever recorded was 44.2 degrees Celsius on May 7, 2023 in the meteorological tent in Tuong Duong, Nghe An centrall province. Luckily that high temperatures were only reported that day.

B: The National Weather Forecast Center said that this year there will be more heat waves than the average in many years. The heat level will also be more intense, and more temperature records will be set.

Wednesday May 15, 2024 - ảnh 2In May, almost every street in Hanoi is brightly colored with giant crepe myrtle. (photo:

A: Well we have to try our best to adapt to the weather and find out the way to cool down. Shivendu Paul of West Bengal, India, told us: “In the summer, people in India like ice cream, cold water, cold drinks, lemon juice, and coconut juice. On the roadside, many small shops sell cold drinks in the season.”

B: He wants to know what Vietnamese people like to drink in summer and summer tourism in Vietnam.  

A: Of course, we prefer ice cream and cold drinks in summer. As a tropical country, we have a lot of fruit juices for summer.

B: Tea has been the most popular drink in Vietnam for thousands of years. Now young people create several types of tea drinks such as tea with lemon, pear, kumquat and lemongrass, mangosteen, and mango. It’s just about 7 to 8 cents per cup of iced tea with any type of fruit you like.

Wednesday May 15, 2024 - ảnh 3Lemon-iced tea is a popular drink in summer. (photo:

A: Nha Tho street, which is home to St. Joseph's Cathedral or the Grand Cathedral in downtown Hanoi, has long been an entertainment spot for Hanoians, especially young people. This area also attracts a big number of foreign tourists as there are a lot of Western style restaurants and bars.

B: But Nha Tho street is most popular for iced-tea shops, where customers can sit leisurely as long as they wish just to drink a glass of iced tea blended with fruits. Pavements of Nha Tho street is always crowded in the evening, especially on weekends.

A: The iced-tea space around the St. Joseph's Cathedral is suitable for non-alcohol people to meet and chat quietly. Besides iced tea blended with fruits, shops on the sidewalks offer fresh fruit juice, coffee, and snacks such as nuts, fruit mixed tossed salt, sugar, and chili, and grilled fermented pork. The snacks go well with the flavor of the fruit drinks. 

Wednesday May 15, 2024 - ảnh 4Trang Tien Ice Cream shop in Trang Tien street, Hanoi

B: When asked what the oldest ice cream brand in Hanoi is, 10 out of 10 Hanoians says Trang Tien Ice Cream. Trang Tien Ice Cream is sold in over 30 cities and provinces across Vietnam. With such an extensive distribution network, people can easily savor the “timeless flavor” of Trang Tien Ice Cream. While in Hanoi, to best enjoy this ice cream and the vibe of the old Hanoi, we recommend that you visit its main office and shop at 35 Trang Tien Street, which is close to the Hanoi Opera House and Hoan Kiem Lake.

A: Trang Tien Ice Cream is not only a famous refreshment in Hanoi, it also carries a special cultural trait that has lived with the locals for years.  Although there are several kinds of domestic and imported ice cream, Trang Tien has maintained a major market share for its sweet, creamy flavor and natural fragrance products.

B: Trang Tien Ice Cream shop was opened in 1958 at No.35 Trang Tien Street. Since then, Trang Tien ice cream has gradually evolved into an iconic refreshment of Hanoi, along with other famous street foods.

A: What makes Trang Tien Ice Cream stand the test of time is its quality. Through decades, it still retains the flavor as it did 65 years ago: a natural fragrance with a soft, tender texture that immediately melts in your mouth. Old people prefer the familiar flavor of the ice cream they ate when they were little, and bring up their memory. While young people enjoy ice cream as well as the spacious beautiful Trang Tien shop in the center of Hanoi.

B: The very first ice-creams of Trang Tien Ice Cream were produced in bars on wooden sticks, with four basic flavors – vanilla, cocoa, young sticky rice, and green bean. Today, besides these traditional flavors, the bars also have various new flavors: apricot, matcha (green tea), durian, chocolate, taro, and coconut milk. Each bar is just 50 cents.

A: To bring a new experience to customers, Trang Tien Ice Cream company produced "Mochi Ice Cream", a delicate blend of the mochi from Japan and the fresh ice cream from Vietnam. Trang Tien Ice Cream cups and boxes are easy to takeaway.

B: You’re listening to the Letter Box on VOV. Now let’s check other listeners’ reception reports and feedback for VOV.

A: Jayanta Chakrabarty of India tuned in to VOV’s English program on May 13th and reported that reception quality on the frequency of 7220 kHz was good with strong signal. “Listening was a pleasure with appreciative presentation by friendly-voiced hosts,” he said.

B: He commented on the article that I found to be of special interest. “As an enthusiastic traveller it was interesting to learn about Vietnam's nomination for the forthcoming 31st World Travel Awards for Asia & Oceania for 2024. I learned that Vietnam has won the coveted honour as Asia's leading destination for five times, a no mean feat.”

A: As a well-wisher, I would like to see Vietnam to be nominated as one of the best internationally acclaimed Travel Award for being a favourite travel destination in the Indo-Pacific area. Vietnam with its natural beauty and friendly hospital people with a rich cultural heritage deserves to be amongst the very best, Mr. Chakrabarty said.

B: Vicentiu Daniel Gheorghe, the Founder and President of Romanian VOV Club, extended his heartfelt congratulations to Voice of Vietnam on the occasion of the commemoration of the Dien Bien Phu Victory.

A: He wrote: “Voice of Vietnam has played a crucial role in preserving and disseminating the memories and lessons of this historic battle. Through your dedicated efforts in broadcasting, journalism, and storytelling, you have ensured that the legacy of Dien Bien Phu remains alive in the hearts and minds of people around the world. Your commitment to truth, accuracy, and impartiality in reporting has earned you the trust and respect of listeners both domestically and internationally.”

B: “As we reflect on the significance of this milestone in Vietnamese history, let us also reaffirm our shared commitment to peace, prosperity, and mutual respect among all nations. Once again, congratulations to Voice of Vietnam on this auspicious occasion”, said Mr. Gheorghe.

A: Thank you all listeners for sending your feedback. We’ll send QSL cards to verify your reception reports. We welcome your feedback at English Service, VOVWORLD, the Voice of Vietnam, 45 Ba Trieu street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

B: You can email us at You’re invited to visit us online at, where you can hear both live and recorded programs. Once again, thank you all for listening. Goodbye!

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