Digital schools – solutions to improve education quality in Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - The national digital transformation is vigorously taking place in Vietnam as the education sector is immersing itself in the process. Applying technology has become an effective solution to help improve the quality of education in Vietnam.

 Hoang Thi Thanh Binh, a grade 1 homeroom teacher at a primary school in Ha Giang province, said she has been applying digital transformation in teaching for many years. Binh enhances her lesson plans using images, graphics, and more, which turn boring lesson plans into an eye-catching work for students. Education quality in her class has been improved significantly.
“Our school has been applying digital education tools in all classes. We have a data warehouse for our teachers to upload their lesson plans every week and month, which will make a source of teaching materials for all teachers,” Binh said. 
Several teachers said digital transformation and the application of digital technology are associated with their daily work, including preparing and sharing electronic lesson plans. Teachers have proactively changed to create new teaching methods through the application of technology.
Digital schools – solutions to improve education quality in Vietnam - ảnh 1Applying technology has become an effective solution to help improve the quality of education in Vietnam. (Source: Ministry of Education and Training)

Vietnam’s education sector is “immersing itself” in Vietnam’s digital transformation, which is an irreversible trend as education increasingly develops and integrates internationally.

Digital transformation becomes a farsighted solution to help improve the quality of education and the digital government, the digital economy, and the digital society. Digital transformation requires employers to have computerized capabilities, which provides a skill that can be developed further at digital schools.

“The Education and Training sector considers digital transformation one of the important tasks to improve the quality of its management, as well as helping innovate teaching and assessment activities throughout the sector. Currently we have invested in facilities, infrastructure, online classrooms, computers, network systems, and wifi for the main schools. In addition, the sector has strengthened training for teachers to improve quality in digital transformation," Cu Huy Hoan, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Training of Dien Bien province, said.

Currently several educational technology applications and platforms that support teachers and students to improve teaching and learning efficiency are available in Vietnam. These platforms includes the Tu Tai online learning platform (, OLM online teaching and management platform (,, and others. They are integrated with many new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, the optimization of the teaching process and improvement of student capacity.
With the support of technology teachers save time in searching for documents, assigning tasks, evaluating each students’ learning process, finding student’s strengths and weaknesses, and thereby adjusting teaching methods.
Pham Tho Hoan, co-founder of, an education website with a large number of users in Vietnam, said, “Digital transformation in education always receives attention from ministries, and departments, from central to grassroot levels. In particular, schools always want to apply information technology to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning management. is an effective support tool for schools and teachers. It is used and trusted by 6,000 schools and millions of teachers nationwide. OLM will continue to accompany schools by offering digital transformation solutions that meet their all requirements.”
Digital schools – solutions to improve education quality in Vietnam - ảnh 2Thank to digital application, education quality has improved significantly. (Source: Ministry of Education and Training)

The Ministry of Education and Training has launched a set of measurements to evaluate the level of digital transformation of educational institutions.

Applying digital transformation in education and training achieved several positive results, including giving students and teachers’ profile codes, successfully connecting the ministry’s database with the National Population Database, and applying information technology to administer exams. A digital learning resource warehouse for the entire sector was built and has contributed to creating a Vietnamese digitized knowledge system, including 7,000 quality e-learning lessons and 2,000 lessons broadcast on TV.

Applying information technology and digital transformation is an inevitable trend of the 4.0 era. The positive results achieved recently from the educational digital transformation are an important driving force which the education sector continues to use to improve and innovate education today and tomorrow.
Applying information technology and digital transformation contributes to improving the quality of the human resources and creating momentum for Vietnam’s education to push the comprehensive digital transformation process toward sustained growth, thus contributing to achieving the national digital transformation goals.

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