“Story of the Full-Moon”, a musical for children

(VOVWORLD) - The "Story of the Full-Moon" has been vividly recreated in a musical with the participation of more than 150 child actors from 1-8 years old featuring characters Brother Cricket, Mr. Toad, Ante Brown Bee, and the little worm. The musical, from the Cremusic and Lionbooks, a children's book publisher, brings children fascinating experiences the Mid-Autumn Festival.
 “Story of the Full-Moon”, a musical for children - ảnh 1A scene in the musical "Story of the Full-Moon"

Nguyen Chieu Xuan, author of “Story of the Full-Moon” says: “I want to spread the reading culture to many people and make them see the characters and their stories in a book stepping out into life in a different form of art.”                

The musical tells a story of early of autumn when the green persimmons turn to ripen red-orange signaling the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival. When Uncle Toad announces a culinary competition for the Mid-Autumn Festival, every insect family gets busy preparing Mid-Autumn cakes, and the children gather to make lanterns.

Finally the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, and insect families gather for the culinary competition results and uncle Toad tells tales of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

 “Story of the Full-Moon”, a musical for children - ảnh 2The musical has the participation of 105 child actors. (photo: VOV)

Some people shared their feeling of the musical. “I was very surprised. When I read the story, I did not imagine that it would become a lively musical. There are many children performing in the musical, they are little but performing very well,” said Tran Hoang Van.

"I haven't read the book. I just bought it today. The musical is close to children, well conducted, and the characters are familiar and attractive to children,” Nguyen Manh Cuong said.

Tran Thanh Mai said: "The children listen to lively sounds and see characters coming from the book. It helps enrich their experience."

Director of the “Story of the Full-Moon” and Director of Cremusic Center Ha Thu said she loves every page of the book and wanted to bring it to the stage.

“The book is a new view of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It has star lanterns, but looking from the world of insects. When the children read the book, it maybe difficult for them to imagine the scene. I think  children will find it interesting on the stage. I want to refresh the Mid-Autumn Festival. I write new songs such as Children carrying lanterns, Lanterns, and Calling the Moon. I hope the audience will enjoy the Mid-Autumn from a perspective of a symphony. I also use the Waltz of the Flowers, an excerpt from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suit,” said Thu.

More than 150 children from 1 to 8 years old are participating in the musical. The musical Story of the Full-Moon has left unforgettable memories in the hearts of the audience and child actors:

Trang Anh, an actor said: “I play many roles - a fairy, a cricket, a fire-fly, and a frog. I’m very excited and nervous before the performance.”

“I’m as nervous as the children. I’m proud and happy to read stories about the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival and to watch the musical created for children,” said Mai Phuong Thuy.

The Story of the Full-Moon is the first musical for nursery children. The author, director, and actors have created a different Mid-Autumn Festival but maintain the most b values and inspire children’s reading.

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