Young parliamentarians’ role promoted in digital transformation, innovation

(VOVWORLD) - On Friday the 9th Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians held two sessions on “Digital Transformation and Innovation and Startups”.
Young parliamentarians’ role promoted in digital transformation, innovation - ảnh 1(Photo: Duy Minh)

At the session on Digital Transformation, delegates exchanged opinions on fine tuning institutions and policies to promote digital transformation and attain sustainable development, drawing on the experiences of Parliaments in legislative and supervision work, as well as the role of young parliamentarians in promoting digital transformation in the 4thIndustrial Revolution.

Khattiya Sawatdiphol, a Thai Parliamentarian, said: “In Thailand, we encourage people, especially those in rural areas to use digital technology devices to improve the quality of life. First of all we have to give them a digital technology infrastructure. Then we give them information and knowledge to apply technology in their work and study.”

At the “Innovation and Startups” session, the delegates discussed policies to promote innovation and startups as a driving force for sustainable and inclusive development. They recommended policies and solutions to fine tune the legal system to minimize risks related to Artificial Intelligence.

Maria Angelina, a parliamentarian from Timor-Leste, said: "In order to strengthen technology and innovation capacity, human resource is an extremely important factor. If we invest on the youth, they will become more active and creative, and contribute a lot to society."

"They will become an encouragement for other young people to seek for learning opportunities to change their lives. Actually, these are life skills that young people need to adapt to. However, we also need to harmonize technological innovation and traditional culture to balance between development and identity for the present and the future.”

On Saturday the parliamentarians will join the 3rd session “Promoting respect for cultural diversity in support of sustainable development.”

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