Coc Coc – a web browser for Vietnamese people

(VOVWORLD) - Coc Coc is a Vietnamese tech startup known for its search engine for Vietnamese people. Since its establishment, Coc Coc has developed under the motto “"making Vietnamese people happier by making the most of the potential of the digital world" and “putting users first".
Coc Coc – a web browser for Vietnamese people  - ảnh 1        Coc Coc search engine and browser integrate interesting features based on                       Vietnamese Internet habits (Photo:

Coc Coc was established from the idea by 3 Vietnamese students Nguyen Thanh Binh, Le Van Thanh and Nguyen Duc Ngoc who were looking for a search engine for Vietnamese people. Le Van Thanh said: “In 2008, we were senior students at Moscow State University. We had an idea to set up a web browser made by Vietnamese people because during our study at the university, we realized that the internet was developing at a rapid pace. Google has responded relatively well, but the variety and great source of information pose more requirements that one web browser cannot meet. That’s why we set up Coc Coc.”

In 2008, the three engineers returned to Vietnam and started studying the Vietnamese market and worked out plans to lure investors. In 2010, Coc Coc (then called Itim limited company) was officially set up. In early 2013, 3 years after its establishment, Coc Coc search engine and Coc Coc browser (formerly known as Co Rom+) were officially commercialized. Coc Coc search engine was built based on the experience three engineers had after studying and working in Russia. With the motto "making Vietnamese people happier by making the most of the digital world's potential", Coc Coc search engine and browser integrated interesting features based on Vietnamese Internet habits.

Coc Coc – a web browser for Vietnamese people  - ảnh 2                   Nguyen Vu Anh, CEO of Coc Coc (Photo credit by Coc Coc)

Nguyen Vu Anh, CEO of Coc Coc, said: “Coc Coc is a Vietnamese-created search engine and browser which now has over 25 million users. Coc Coc has always exerted its greatest effort to focus on Vietnamese people, facilitating faster page loading, better ads, and easier downloading of videos. Coc Coc also aims to protect users by letting them know which pages are safe and which are not, thus creating a safe internet environment for Vietnamese users.”

In the Vietnamese market, Coc Coc is a competitor of Google. Nikkei Asia news agency reported that this Vietnamese-branded web browser is growing strongly in competition with the tech giant Google in the Vietnamese market.  According to market research firm ComScore (USA), Coc Coc is a Vietnamese-branded web browser with strong growth rate after only a short time of launch. After 2 years of its establishment, Coc Coc ranked 2nd in Vietnam in terms of browser and search engine market share. Coc Coc was listed in the top 5 most popular browsers in Vietnam within 2 months after its launch in May 2013.

In 2014, Coc Coc surpassed Microsoft's Internet Explorer and became the most used browser in Vietnam, just behind Google's browser. In September 2014, Coc Coc surpassed Firefox. In early 2015, Coc Coc received a 14 million USD investment from Germany's leading media group - Hubert Burda Media. It is one of Europe's largest Internet and media groups with about 10,000 employees. This group has about 82 journal publications in the domestic market and about 229 other journals in foreign countries. By the end of 2015, Coc Coc’s users reached more than 18.2 million. Coc Coc is the only representative at the top of the most popular browsers in Vietnam according to a report by Digision Lab in 2021. Recently, Coc Coc also entered the top 10 best digital categories of the Made in Vietnam award 2021. Also in 2021, Coc Coc won 4 awards and reached the TOP 10 Sao Khue award 2021 for the categories: digital content, information security, education, training, advertising, marketing and digital communication. So far, Coc Coc is still the only browser in Vietnam that has useful features exclusively for Vietnamese people. Le Van Thanh said: “We have a great advantage that most of our team members are Vietnamese people, so we understand the needs of Vietnamese people well.”

Being a 100% "Make in Vietnam" company, Coc Coc has always been consistent with the motto "making Vietnamese people happier by making the most of the digital world" and “putting users first". This means that all of Coc Coc's features, products, and even strategic plans are developed based on Vietnamese habits and behaviors on the internet. Coc Coc Company has researched the needs of Vietnamese users and launched a series of utilities suitable for the market of more than 93 million people: such as using IDM's download technology which is 8 times faster than the standard condition, easy access to Facebook without having to change DNS, or increasing typing speed by 20 to 50%, spelling checking and correcting. Coc Coc also facilitates Vietnamese users with the functions of converting units of measurement, foreign exchange rates, and English-Vietnamese dictionary. Luu Thi Quynh Trang, an overseas Vietnamese in Ukraine, said: “I have just returned to Vietnam, I have difficulty typing spelling on websites. Coc Coc browser facilitates writing correct Vietnamese spelling, which makes things easier for me. I’m very proud to learn that Coc Coc was created by Vietnamese people and I will always support made in Vietnam products.”

Coc Coc still does its best to become one of Vietnam’s leading tech applications in Vietnam.