Argentina’s newspaper praises Vietnam’s beauty

(VOVworld) – Argentina’s Resumen Latinoamericano newspaper on Sunday published an article by Professor Cana from the Siglo 21 Business University on the beauty of Vietnam’s landscape and people.

Argentina’s newspaper praises Vietnam’s beauty - ảnh 1
Vietnam's beauty was praised on Argentina’s Resumen Latinoamericano newspaper
(Photo: Vietnam Plus)

In his article entitled “An Argentinean look at Vietnam” article, Guillermo Pérez shared his expressions about Vietnam’s beauty and changes after his recent trip. The article depicted a dynamic and lively Vietnam with both ancient and modern buildings, which is immersed in the flow of international integration and a diverse culture of 54 ethnic groups. The beauty of Vietnam’s nature ranges from North to South. Foreign visitors can feel the hospitality and friendliness of Vietnamese people when they come to Vietnam.