China releases white paper on space program 2021

(VOVWORLD) - China on Friday published the "China's Space Program: A 2021 Perspective," White Paper, which outlines progress of China's space activities since 2016 and its main missions in the next five years.

China releases white paper on space program 2021 - ảnh 1White paper on China's space program 2021. Photo: Xinhua News Agency

The 5th white paper on China's space industry consists of 12,500 words, affirming  that China has always considered the aerospace industry development an important part of its overall development strategy, and has persisted in the exploration and use of space for peaceful purposes.

In the next five years, China's aerospace industry will promote the all-round development of space science, technology, and applications, and open a new journey in comprehensive building of a new aerospace superpower, said the white paper. China will actively participate in formulating international rules on outer space within the framework of the United Nations, and work with other countries to address challenges in ensuring long-term sustainability of space activities, according to the book.