China, US must guide their relations forward along the right track

(VOVWORLD) - Chinese President Xi Jinping had a video call with US President Joe Biden on Friday. 

Speaking at the talk,  the Chinese President said as permanent members of the UN Security Council and the world's two leading economies, China and the US must not only guide their relations forward along the right track, but also shoulder their share of international responsibilities and work for world peace and tranquility.

Xi stressed that he and President Biden share the view that China and the US need to respect each other, coexist in peace and avoid confrontation, and that the two sides should increase communication and dialogue at all levels and in all fields.

He said China does not want to see the situation in Ukraine to come to this. The crisis proves that conflict and confrontation do not benefit any side. He called on the international community to treasure peace and security.

Meanwhile, the White House released a statement saying that the virtual talks between the two leaders lasted for two hours and the two Presidents stressed the importance of finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine.