Digital jobs and new opportunities for workers discussed

(VOVWORLD) - A forum entitled “Digital jobs for workers” and the introduction of the "New Opportunities" program under the framework of the Workforce for an Innovation and Startup Ecosystem (USAID WISE) were co-organized by the National Innovation Center (NIC) and the USAID in Hanoi on Wednesday.
Digital jobs and new opportunities for workers discussed - ảnh 1NIC and USAID representatives sign a cooperation agreement on digital transformation for Vietnamese workers. (photo: NIC) 

The two events target to support the development of Vietnam's digital human resources to meet the requirements of the labor market in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Through digital skills training courses, employees, especially unemployed or those who want to change careers after the COVID-19 pandemic, will be provided with appropriate knowledge to meet their future job requirements.

Vu Quoc Huy, NIC Director, addressed the forum: “Through training courses for workers on digital skills, abilities, knowledge, and work habits, the “New opportunities” program is expected to help workers meet job requirements, proficiently access and use digital technology, thereby having more opportunities to find suitable jobs and advance in their careers. This is one of the important factors for employees in the context of constantly changing work patterns and nature.”

Aler Grubbs, Director USAID Vietnam, told the forum: “What we are doing here today is part of our broader partnership but certainly for the launch of the New Opportunities program and to support Vietnam to make a shift into a knowledge-based, technology-based higher skills economic sector. Workers can broadly contribute and benefit from a different type of economy. Vietnam has been very focusing on digital development and digital transformation, and embracing the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This requires a significant shift in workforce skill composition.”

Digital jobs and new opportunities for workers discussed - ảnh 2NIC and USAID representatives kick off the "New opportunities" program. (photo: NIC)
Within the framework of the forum, USAID's Economic Growth Support Program in Asia (US-SEGA) and FUNiX signed a cooperation agreement to pilot the "Digital transformation for Vietnamese workers" program. The activities promise to help workers narrow the gap of skills and knowledge in the 4th Industrial Revolution and develop new skills to reposition themselves and take advantage of new opportunities.
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