French General: China’s acts violate international law

(VOVworld) – General Daniel Schaeffer, expert on Chinese issues at France’s 21st Asia Research center said China’s deployment of oil rig HD 981 in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and waters violates international law.

French General: China’s acts violate international law - ảnh 1
Former French Defense Attaché in Thailand, Vietnam and China Daniel Schaeffer (Photo: VOV)

Speaking to VOV correspondent in France, Mr. Daniel Schaeffer, who was also former French Defense Attaché in Thailand, Vietnam and China, said this is another step taken by China to realize its ambition over the nine-dotted line in the East Sea. General Daniel Schaeffer: "This is part of the strategy that China has implemented since 2006 using its power to force other countries to recognize the nine-dotted line and that the sea in this line belongs to China. This move was added to a number of China’s actions such as "zoning" a vast area covering most of the East Sea to ban foreign fishing boats from seafood exploitation in the area and forcing foreign oil and gas companies to cancel contracts on oil and gas exploitation signed with Vietnam and the Philippines while issuing a number of bidding packages to exploit oil in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone. China has also carried out many provocative acts causing tension in the South of the East Sea, James Shoal and Luconia areas".