German politicians propose retaliation for double agent

(VOVworld) – The scandal known as “Double agent” has caused frustration in Germany’s political circles, who are considering how to react to Washington’s activitites.

German politicians propose retaliation for double agent - ảnh 1
Germany's political circles are preparing retaliatory actions to the US's espionage. (Photo: AFP)

Thomas de Maiziere, German Minister of the Interior, said on Tuesday that he had released an internal memorandum on new means for receiving intelligence reports, in a bid to avoid any spying even by allies. German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said that Berlin should consider bringing American spies to court. Answering questions from a daily newspaper, a representative of the ruling Christian Democratic Union party’s parliamentarians, Andreas Schockenhoff, suggested expanding foreign espionage activities of the German Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND) to the US. Following an order from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, NATO members, including the US, are not under the watch of Germany’s intelligence services.

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