Germany announces nine-point plan to reinforce security

(VOVworld) – On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held an early summer conference focusing on internal and external policies, especially German security issues.
Germany announces nine-point plan to reinforce security - ảnh 1
German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a press conference in Berlin, Germany, on July 28. 2016. (Photo: Xinhua)
Ms. Merkel said this is an historic, challenging period for Germany and Europe as there has never been such a massive wave of migrants and refugees since World War II. She expressed disappointment that some EU countries are not cooperating to resolve this issue.

Chancellor Merkel strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Wurzburg and Ansbach, saying that German authorities will soon track down those responsible and prevent further such attacks in Germany. Merkel announced a nine-point plan to foster security in Germany which includes lowering the criteria for asylum seekers, adopting an early warning system for radicalized refugees, conducing joint exercises by police and armed forces, establishing a central agency to decrypt Internet communications, and passing a weapons directive to prevent trading weapons online.