Germany, France and Italy reach agreement on future AI regulation

(VOVWORLD) - An agreement on how artificial intelligence should be regulated in the future has been reached by Germany, France and Italy, according to a joint paper seen by Reuters, which is expected to accelerate negotiations at the European level.
The European Parliament presented an "AI Act" in June, with the aim of averting safety risks from AI applications and avoiding discriminatory effects, but without slowing down the innovative power of this new technology in Europe.
The European Parliament proposed that the code of conduct should initially only be binding for major AI providers. However, the three EU governments have warned against this apparent competitive advantage for smaller European providers. This could lead to less trust in the security of these smaller providers and therefore fewer customers, they said. The rules of conduct and transparency should therefore be binding for everyone, they added. 
Germany said laws and state control should not regulate AI itself, but rather its application.
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