Hanoi – A modern City for Peace

(VOVWORLD) - Hanoi was conferred the “City for Peace” prize by UNESCO during a ceremony in Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, in 1999. The award recognized Hanoi’s efforts to foster peace, development and social cohesion, whilst respecting the city’s treasured traditions. In this week’s Discovery Vietnam, we will ask experts and Hanoians what the title means and look at how modern Hanoi has evolved, twenty years on.

Hanoi – A modern City for Peace - ảnh 1Hoan Kiem Lake at the heart of Hanoi (Photo: Kientruc.vn) 

Since Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam in 1010, its people have always embodied the spirt of unity and unyielding resistance against foreign invaders. Professor and People’s Teacher Nguyen Quang Ngoc said: “Hanoi, a used-to-be war-torn city, always desperately aspires for peace. Hanoians commit their utmost efforts to make Hanoi a true ‘City for Peace’.”

Intellectuals from Vietnam and abroad have helped Hanoi to evolve into a political, economic, and cultural hub of Vietnam. With its growing status internationally, strong development and preservation of traditional values, Hanoi deserves the title “City for Peace”, according to Professor Ngoc, who said: “Hanoi has proven itself a true ‘City for Peace’ and a model of development. This title has symbolic value not for a particular region but for the whole progressive humanity.”

Hanoi – A modern City for Peace - ảnh 2 Vinhomes Time City is a modern urban complex in Hanoi.  

Hanoi is changing rapidly as a result of its development process. It is a modern city of skyscrapers, trade centers, and urban areas. But Hanoi is working to preserve its antiquity, including its Old Quarter, 600 pagodas, and 300 recognized historical and cultural relics. Let’s hear some Hanoians talk about the city:

- “Hanoi has been strongly developed. Hanoians are showing the world that they are friendly, peace-loving, and active in the preservation of their traditional values.”

- “Hanoians take pride in the recognition of Hanoi as a “City for Peace”. I hope everyone will act properly to forever retain this title.”

Hanoi has recently become a popular host of world events, such as the second summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Professor Doctor Duong Van Quang told VOV: “The hosting of this Trump-Kim summit illustrates Vietnam’s successful foreign policies and international integration, its bolder prestige in the world arena, and capability to host other world events. It also symbolizes Vietnam’s peace diplomacy.”

Hanoi – A modern City for Peace - ảnh 3The Thang Long Imperial Citadel in Hanoi is a World Cultural Heritage Site.  

Hanoi now is a popular tourist destination. Rory Linnane of Britain has been to Hanoi several times in the past decade. He said he has been attracted by its tranquility, modernization, and antiquity. “Hanoi is a wonderful place for people to meet. People here are very welcoming. Vietnam has changed a lot and it’s good to see that”, Linnane said.

Hanoi has been the only capital in the Asia-Pacific region to be named “City for Peace” in the last 20 years.

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