HCMC honors 12 medical projects

(VOVWORLD) -The Voice of Ho Chi Minh City People, in collaboration with HCMC’s Department of Health, on Monday presented the 2023 Vietnam Medical Achievement Awards to 12 medical projects.

HCMC honors 12 medical projects - ảnh 1Transuterine cardiac catheterization, which saves the life of a fetus with a severe heart defect without a pulmonary valve hole, performing for the first time in Vietnam, is honored as a Vietnamese medical achievement. (Photo: Dan Phuong/Tin Tuc Newspaper)

This is the fourth year the awards have been held to honor the contributions of physicians. Nominated this year were 86 medical projects at 42 medical units and hospitals in Ho Chi Minh city, the southeastern provinces, and the Mekong Delta.

Later, one additional nomination was received: a fetal heart catheterization performed for the first time in Vietnam in January of this year. The procedure was carried out by a team from Children's Hospital 1 and Tu Du Hospital.

The 12 medical projects awarded the Vietnam Medical Achievement Award for 2023:

  1. Hospital for Tropical Diseases - 30-year journey to reduce the tetanus mortality rate

  2. An Binh Hospital - Speech therapy to restore communication after a stroke

  3. Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital - Fertility preservation surgery in cervical cancer case

  4. Gia Dinh People's Hospital - Vascular malformation intervention using the alcohol injection method

  5. Military Hospital 175 - Neurophysiology center for care from stroke to depression - modern diseases

  6. Hospital for Rehabilitation and Occupational Disease Treatment - Initial application of 3D printing in manufacturing orthopedic devices for children

  7. Tam Anh General Hospital - Reducing the risk of intubation and treatment costs in very premature infants with the golden hour protocol

  8. Ho Chi Minh City Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital - Surgical treatment of otosclerosis

  9. Eye Hospital - Optimal technical application - priceless gift for children with glaucoma

  10. My Duc General Hospital - Selecting embryos that do not carry disease genes using preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-M)

  11. Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital - Percutaneous pulmonary valve replacement intervention

  12. Children's Hospital 1 and Tu Du Hospital - Transuterine cardiac catheterization to save the life of a fetus with a severe heart defect 

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